Collecting NFT Art: from Andy Warhol to Damien Hirst


Date: 13 October Wednesday

Time: 12pm HKT/ 9pm California

Format: Webinar

Speakers: Ron Rivlin, Frank Smits, Charles d’haussy, Max Moore

Moderator: Enid Tsui

Language: English

Discussions on NFTs have been dominated by the art industry, prompting us to contemplate on the artistic, material and sociological value of digital art. The panel discussion with leading gallerists, auction house and collectors explores the role of digital artists and mainstream established artists within the NFT world, and how a decentered art market signals a particular cultural and ideological disposition by leveraging core values unique to NFT technology.


Ron Rivlin

Founder, Revolver Gallery

Ron Rivlin is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Revolver Gallery, the world’s largest gallery-owned Andy Warhol collection.  He began collecting Andy Warhol artwork for a short while in 2012 before pursuing his greatest passion, Revolver Gallery. With a unique approach to the gallery model, Revolver Gallery focuses on promoting and preserving the legacy of Andy Warhol with touring exhibitions. In 2017, Revolver will give back to the community with the launch of it's sister non-profit company named ArtCause. Its mission is to provide students, who attend public schools with no art programs, the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of creating artwork for free. 

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Frank Smits

NFT Art Collector

With a career in the fashion industry, Frank always has a strong connection with art. Creativity, Design, Originality and Quality are key words through his journey to be always eager to explore new trends and developments. The emergence of digital art with new techniques in augmented and virtual reality, coinciding with the new social media tools allowed him to connect with a new breed of artists globally and prompted the beginning of his digital art collection including works by Fabio Palvelli, Owo Anietie, and Damien Hirst. Frank is a strong believer that digital art is here to stay alongside the traditional art world, and expects that digital art-collectors will move to the Metaverse as well as to physical galleries & displays altogether for him an exciting journey. 

Frank Smit.jpg

Charles d'Haussy

APAC Managing Director, ConsenSys

Charles d’Haussy is Asia Managing Director at ConsenSys, a leading blockchain engineering company. Among his responsibilities, he leads ConsenSys’ projects on central-bank digital currencies with Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Bank of Thailand.

Prior to this, Charles served as head of fintech with the Hong Kong government (InvestHK). In that capacity he helped found and scale Hong Kong Fintech Week, and supported the growth of over 450 fintech companies.

He has 15 years of prior experience in Hong Kong’s private sector and is licensed to invest and deal in securities.

In 2018, Charles was elected as a Top-50 fintech influencer in Asia. In 2021 he published Block Kong, a book about Blockchain leaders shaping the Hong Kong blockchain ecosystem.

He studied in France at Rennes International Business School and in Guangzhou, China at Sun Yat Sen University. He is a certified Bitcoin professional and studied blockchain business strategy at Be9 London.

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Max Moore

Director, Head of Contemporary Art Auctions, Sotheby's 

Max Moore recently joined Sotheby’s Hong Kong as Director, Head of Contemporary Auctions for Sotheby’s Asia. Before Hong Kong, Max lead Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day Auction in New York. In July, Max was named Co-Head of Digital Art Auctions for Sotheby’s Worldwide. Since April of 2021, Max has notably spearheaded Pak’s Fungible Collection, Natively Digital and most recently Ape In! the BAYC auction. 

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Enid Tsui

Arts Editor, South China Morning Post

Enid is the South China Morning Post's Arts Editor. She first joined the Post in 2015 after a long career as a business and politics journalist at the Financial Times, the Nikkei Asian Review, RTHK Radio 3, and the Economist Group in Hong Kong and in London. She oversees the newspaper's arts coverage, including developments in mainland China and the rest of Asia. She very much looks forward to the opening of the M+ Museum and the possibility of seeing the 2022 Venice Biennale in person. In 2020, she obtained a master's degree (with distinction) in art history from the University of Hong Kong. A version of her graduate thesis on the Thai artist Tang Chang has been accepted for publication in the journal “World Art”.


Enid is currently working with five local artists to prepare for the SCMP’s upcoming charity NFT art auction in aid of Operation Santa Claus.