Role of Females in NFT Landscape: Creatives, Investors and Collectors


Date: 7 October Thursday

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm HKT

Venue: DAFA Seminar Area, 1F Asia Standard Tower

Format: Seminar

Speakers: Lyndaine Demetilla, SatoshiWomen;  Vivien Khoo, SatoshiWomen; Gillian Au Howard, Digital Art Fair 

Moderator: John Keh, Run The Chain

NFT has redefined opportunities for creatives, investors and collectors. While the decentralised NFT sphere offers equal opportunities, the male dominated art and tech sector makes it difficult for women to enter the field. As more creatives transition into the NFT industry, female advocacy groups such as Satoshiwomen are creating communities for gender inclusivity. This panel discussion we invite Satoshiwomen to share their fascinating journey and the work they have done to drive female participation and representation in the digital space through education, mentoring and partnerships. Together with DAFA Co-founder and Fair Director, Gaillian Au Howard, the dialogue uncovers the psychology behind NFT and how females in the field are making it more accessible to creatives, investors and collectors.


Lyndaine Demetilla

Co-founder, SatoshiWomen

Lyndaine Demetilla is a firm believer of the power of feminine energy and self-proclaimed “guanxi” master. She believes that digital assets are one of the most exciting investment opportunities of this century. She’s currently the Chief of Staff at Asia's first and only fully-regulated digital securities exchange available to retail investors. Lyndaine is also one of the founding mentors of an organization ran by a team of female leaders and pioneers in the crypto industry.

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Vivien Khoo

Co-founder, SatoshiWomen

A female pioneer who led one of the world’s largest crypto derivatives exchanges. Vivien’s career in crisis management has taken a whole new meaning after she transitioned from her decade long career in investment banking into crypto. An ardent sponsor of female leadership, she founded Digital Female Leadership Network and SatoshiWomen, with the mission is to educate, inspire and empower women to gain equal access and unlock the potential and benefits of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

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Gillian Au Howard

Co-founder & Fair Director, Digital Art Fair Asia

Gillian Au Howard is the co-director of Digital Art Fair Asia - the new generation of art fair in Asia focusing on new media art, NFT art and immersive art experience. 

Accomplished in fine galleries and museum management, Gillian has previously managed private museum collections and international galleries in Hong Kong and London. She has also consulted museum projects in Hong Kong, China and Russia. She also studied Art Business with the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London, With an extensive knowledge of new media art, she is now leading the Digital Art Fair Asia team and curators on creating a brand new art experience combining art and technology such as blockchain, 3D mapping, VR and AR.

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John Keh

Founder, Run The Chain

John Keh is the Founding Partner & CEO at Sentience Capital, and Founder of Run the Chain, an advisor at Guidepoint. John Keh is an avid Blockchain and Bitcoin supporter. He is also the Chief Marketing Officer of Genesis Block. With strong entrepreneurial experience and expertise in digital marketing and Genesis Art, John has extensive experience in digital marketing, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and retail in multinational companies.

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