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David Ariew


David Ariew is one of the most prominent NFT artists in the world. He has sold his work on MakersPlace, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and Sotheby’s, where his collaborative work with Jia Aili, “The Road Ahead” sold for $224,000. He designed two of the 3 Beeple x Madonna NFTs and exhibited his work at Beeple's grand opening earlier this year. Ariew was an artist on Pak’s ASHII drop and has collaborated with top artists who include Katy Perry, Zedd, Keith Urban, Drake and Deadmau5. Ariew has several artistic styles, from energetic concert visuals tightly synced with music to overly ambitious cinematic short films, and mesmerizing abstract animations built from 3D infinite mirror rooms. Ariew is also an esteemed educator in the 3D community; his tutorials and courses have been instrumental in training thousands of digital artists.

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