Disrupting the Status Quo: From Street Art to Crypto Art


Date: 10 October, Sunday

Time: 3.00pm – 4.00pm HKT

Venue: DAFA Seminar Area, 1/F Asia Standard Tower

Format: Seminar/Webinar

Speakers:  Szabotage, Artist; Benjamin Rameau, Jenny DAO; Julia Hu

Moderator: James Neary

Language: English

NFT has exploded within the last year, particularly in the digital art space, in some ways echoing traditional views of Street Art. Many artists working in street art and counterculture styles are receiving unprecedented interest from NFT collectors and a younger generation of digital natives, reinforcing the groundbreaking ‘punk’ movement in the tech and finance world. The panel discussion shares on the artists’ journey in street art and crypto art, the NFT community, and ways in which NFTs have transformed their creative process and values of their art.



Contemporary Urban Artist

Hailing from Brighton, England, Szabotage – whose real name is Gustav Szabo – a former architect and designer, is now recognised as a prolific contemporary urban artist and designer. His digital NFT journey started in 2020 and his latest collection explores connecting his physical and digital practice creating a new dimension to his work and a natural extension of his studio practise. Szabotage has painted for the HKWalls street art festival, was a finalist in the global phenomenon Secret Walls and has given a TEDX talk ‘Resilience is the Ultimate High.’ The artist held his first London solo exhibition ‘SHHH Women's Erotic Emporium’, in Shoreditch, London. Since then, he has exhibited internationally, with sold out exhibitions, solo shows, and numerous collaborative projects, and commissions.

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Benjamin Rameau

Founder, Jenny DAO

Benjamin Rameau is founder of Jenny DAO, an NFT collective that fractionalizes NFTs. He is Chairman of Start Art Gallery, Hong Kong's first physical NFT gallery. And he is co-Founder of Exotic Markets. Previously he was a Founding Member of Binance Labs. 

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Julia Hu

Ex-China General Manager, Christie's

Julia HU, a seasoned expert in the fine art auction industry, has worked at Christie’s for over 9 years and successfully grown China’s auction market as Christie’s China General Manager.   She is also an investor of Start Art Gallery, the first physical NFT art gallery in the world.    Before she joined Christie’s, she worked at IBM as a software engineer and at McKinsey as project leader.   Her exposure to these different industries has shaped her unique perspective and sharp insights of the NFT art genre.

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James Neary

Co-founder, Digital Art Fair Asia

James Neary is Co-founder of Digital Art Fair Asia. An avid art collector for over 20 years, some of his collection includes Banksy, Andy Warhol, Yang Yongliang, Refik Anadol and other digital and new media artists. He is fascinated by generative and immersive art and the future they foreshadow. With a background in finance, he is an angel investor in crypto and also co-founded some of the biggest Art Tours in the world.

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