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Conceived in 2018 and minted in 2019, Deepblack is the first example of an Artificial Intelligence artist creating, curating, and releasing artworks on the Ethereum blockchain with no human interaction. The Deepblack collection is limited to 3,073 pieces. 

DeepBlack causes us to ponder the scope of artificial intelligence and the role of technology in the modern world. For many, the concept of artificial intelligence in a world dominated by technology instils a sense of fear and anxiety… DeepBlack causes us to question this view by demonstrating artificial intelligence in an artistic and creative medium. In turn, we can attribute a certain altruism to this technology and reflect on its contribution to our shared humanity and evolving history. The DeepBlack community consists of historical NFT collectors and fine art connoisseurs alike. They affectionately call themselves the GAN gang.

DeepBlack employed a two-step process to create the collection. The artificial intelligence engine is a modified Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). The first step is called the 'Generator', and the second is called the 'Discriminator'. The process was fed with a uniformised dataset of fifty thousand famous artworks created by humans. The 'Generator' attempted to create new artworks based on that initial input. The role of the 'Discriminator' was to seek to identify which pieces of art are computer-generated. If this step failed to identify a work created by the 'Generator', that piece was considered successful in the process. Once the collection was complete, the pieces were assigned metadata 'boosts' from the MET Museum database.

Each DeepBlack certificate is traceable via a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain and represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) using the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum.

Featuring Artworks

Abstract, Portrait, Landscape

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