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Hong Kong

Established in 2021, Odds and Ends is a contemporary art gallery in Hong Kong that showcases local and international emerging artists, with a focus on Asian diasporic artists. The mission of the gallery is to nurture new talents through a rigorous exhibition program and promote cross-disciplinary collaborations. Odds and Ends strives to serve emerging artists in Hong Kong and beyond by building a curatorial programme that emphasises context, storytelling, and representation.

Booth to reflect quintessential Hong Kong streetscapes in order to compliment the essence of Jonathan Jay Lee's artwork, capturing the hustle bustle of Hong Kong living. Booth design to be modelled after local Dai Pai Dong, creating an atmospheric yet intimate viewing experience for viewers upon entering and passing through the artist's feature wall. The light boxes and prints also serve to further contextualise the practice of Lee throughout his career.

Featured Artist

Jonathan Jay Lee

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