Frequently asked questions


How do I buy a ticket to DAFA? 如何購買門票

You can get your tickets here 你可於 這裏 購買門票。

What is the difference between VIP and Regular Tickets? VIP與標準門票之分別

VIPs can enter the fair on 1-2 Oct with prior registration on time slots, as well as unlimited access during public days with prior registration on time slots. VIPs also have priority entries to seminars, and exclusive VIP lounge access. VIP 門票持有者可在1-2日優先參觀展覽,並於在展覽 1-17 日期間不限時間參觀。VIP 門票持有者並可優先參加由各界專業人士舉行之講座及VIP 休息室。

I bought the wrong number of tickets. How can I get a refund? 有關退票及聯絡事宜

Please email the ticket type and the number of tickets you would like refunded to 請電郵至 並註明你所購買的門票種類及數量。

I would like to order tickets in bulk. Who should I contact? 有關批量購買門票

For corporate or bulk purchases of over 20 Regular tickets, please contact for quotes. If you would like to purchase over 20 VIP tickets, please contact for quotes. 如需商業合作或購買超過 20 張門票,對於標準門票請聯繫 partnership@digitalartfair.io了解價格,對於 VIP 門票請聯繫 。


When can I register to visit the fair? 如何預約登記到訪時間

Our registration forms have been published on our website at the RSVP. Thank you for your patience! 我們的預約登記表格已於網站上開放,請到 RSVP 填寫資料。 感謝你的參與。


Is the fair accessible for wheelchair users and disabled persons? 有關傷殘人士及行動不便之安排

Yes, the fair has two levels. The second floor is accessible by elevator. 展覽場地為上下兩層,行動不便之人士可乘升降機到二樓參觀。

I am a member of the press. How do I get invited to the private viewing? 有關傳媒預展

Private viewings are by invitation only. If you are with the press and would like to visit the Fair, please consider purchasing a ticket on our website. 抱歉,貴賓預展只限於獲邀人士。如你是傳媒之相關人士並有興趣參加展覽,你能於網站上購買門票。


Could I get more information on the seminars at DAFA? 有關DAFA講座資訊

Information on the VIP seminars will be released soon. Thank you for your patience! 有關VIP seminars的資訊,我們即將公布。 訂閱及留意我們的電郵以密切留意。

I would like to book a private session for my company. How should I do so? 有關私人機構預約到訪

Thank you for your interest in DAFA. We currently aren’t accepting bookings for private sessions. 感謝你的關注。我們目前暫不接受私人機構預約到訪。

How long does one session last for? 有關時段資訊

The Fair is open from 11:00am - 8:00pm. There are 3 sessions every day, from 11:00am - 2:00pm, 2:00pm - 5:00pm, and 5:00pm - 8:00pm. 展覽開放時間為 上午11時 至 晚上8時。入場時段如下:

  • 11:00am - 2:00pm
  • 2:00pm - 5:00pm
  • 5:00pm - 8:00pm


I’d love to participate in DAFA as an artist. How should I sign up? 有關藝術創作者參展表格DAFA

Thank you for your interest in DAFA. Unfortunately, applications for artist showcases are closed for 2021, but stay tuned for applications for next year! 感謝你的關注!但本屆DIGITAL ART FAIR ASIA 2021 的參展表格現已結束。請密切留意來年的展覽。