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Sydney, Australia

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Culture Vault works with emerging and established artists from both the digital and traditional cultural world - from painters, illustrators, musicians, fashion designers, animators, choreographers, motion capture, chefs, and filmmakers - to create, mint, sell and display their work on our web3 platform. We’re passionate about building a new creative community where artists have agency over how they create and sell their work, and are supported by blockchain technology and a team committed to helping
them build strong connections with their collectors.


We provide crypto-natives and first-time NFT buyers with a one-stop shop for the procurement of curated digital assets. Consumers can browse and buy from a highly curated collection of NFTs by leading local and international artists and creators such as Reko Rennie, Stephen Ormandy, Shantell Martin, Serwah Attafuah, Romance Was Born, Adam Briggs, Dan Hong, The Richard Bernstein Estate, Faust, Sebastian Leon, and Mona Chalabi. CV mints on ETH aswell as Polygon, which greatly reduces gas and mitigates the associated fees the impacts of its energy consumption on the environment. All our smart contracts are read by OpenSea and available for purchase with whichever digital currency you define.

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