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Eser Gunduz

Eser Gunduz (born in 1990, Antalya Turkey), is an Istanbul based artist whose irreverant and expressoinist artworks have earned him an inmerse surge in popularity around the globe and in social media.

Eser Gunduz

Eser Gunduz's totemic paintings combine powerful gestural brushstrokes and bold color fields with fine details that evoke instruction manuals and scientific diagrams.

The artist aims to represent imaginative utopias in his skillfully structured multimedia paintings. Gunduz's rigorous discipline and expressive style have earned him exhibitions in Milan and Istanbul, and he enjoys a thriving market for editioned and unique works on Etsy.

Gunduz arrived at artmaking after studying architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, and aspects of the discipline still inform his creative process - we should not, he believes, make stark distinctions between design and fine art.

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