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IIhwa Kim

IIhwa Kim (b. 1967 in South Korea) creates works that are composed of tens of thousands of seed units. Each seed unit has a combination of straight lines and circles, which compose a tiny single universe. The materials are created personally for every single universe. 

IIhwa Kim

The Korean artist dyes each sheet of paper by hand with thousands of different colours cutting and rolling the layers of paper to make them rigid. It gives Kim an emotional bonding to every single universe. Not a single universe has the same shape, look or colour in her work.

The tactile universe pushes away the distinction between sculpture and painting; tenderly relaxed conversation goes on ceaselessly between the sculptural weight and tactile painting quality. The universe transforms dramatically from afar to close up. The sense of completion never comes as each perception betrays the previous one from moments before. Kim's univserses are free from an optimum point of view. Taking a look at the work closely, you can witness the seeds lodged tightly in the surface, pushing and pulling themselves to sprout. However, the moment you watch it from a distance, the work transforms into waves lashing out from the confines of the work.

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