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Jesse Woolston

Multimedia artist and composer Jesse Woolston, a native of New Zealand, uses a combination of imagery and sound in his art. Creating stunning stimulations, he aims to express natural phenomena in new and challenging ways.

Jesse Woolston

By blending science, nature's aesthetics, and his own music, Woolston helps his audience consider their place in the universe. Capturing the essence of the natural world in machine and the arts, his works inspire feelings of awe and wonder, each expressing one aspect of the world around us. Woolston's inspiration comes not just from our world but from the cosmos beyond, weaving those elements into installations that perfectly balance the feelings of shock and awe.

Each sculpture he creates is distinct and unique, crafted to create an intensely sensory experience for the viewer. All set to his own electronic, contemporary classical music, which only heightens the overall impact. Ever looking to the future, Woolston develops some of his work using cutting-edge artificail intelligence and machine learning technology. This has gained him recognition from leading tech companies as well as from art and technology fans around the world.

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