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Zheng Lu

Zheng Lu (born 1978 in Inner Mongolia, China) works and lives in Beijing.

Zheng Lu

Zheng Lu studied at Lu Xun Fine art Academy from 1998-2003 and then at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine arts in Beijing from 2004 until 2007. While still in school, Zheng was awarded with LVMH Prize, which provided the artist with three months training at The Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-Arts, ENSBA, Paris. Zheng's artistic practice mainly revolves around sculpture and installatoin works with steel structure, but it includes also two-dimensional works, multimedia projects, and public art.

Zheng, through a continuous and multifaceted practice, elaborated and perfected his art logic and language system. His works encompass a large variety of subjects matter and concepts including reflection on material, writing, the notion of water, time and space. All these ideas, elaborated through a complex and coherent conceptual framework, make Zheng Lu's artistic language and practice unique and distinctive. His work, casting light on the possibility of different existential conditions, addresses also issues related the relationship between nature, individual character, and the self.

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