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Digital Art Fair "House"
Committee Invitation

Collector's Salon.png

Welcome to the Digital Art Fair Collector's Club House Committee!


We are honored to invite you to join this prestigious platform supporting global digital art. As a member of this committee, you will be at the forefront of shaping the future of the digital art market.


The Digital Art Fair Collector's Club House is an influential voice advocating for the growth and recognition of digital art worldwide. As a committee member, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Curation suggestion in our Global Network

  2. Exclusive Collector's Group and International Fair Invites

  3. Digital Art Service at your fingertips

  4. Access to early drops

  5. Marketing Opportunity for collectors

  6. Global VIP services for Digital Art Fair events and our partners

Your expertise and passion for digital art will be invaluable as we work together to elevate this dynamic and innovative medium. We look forward to welcoming you to the Committee and tapping into your vision to drive the digital art ecosystem forward.


Please let us know if you accept this invitation to join the Digital Art Fair Collector's Club House Committee. We are eager to have you on board.



The Digital Art Fair Organizing Team


Digital Art Screen and Exclusive Print

"House" Ordinals Categories

House #001- Museum #001, 2024,  AI Generative Algorithm.png

Museum (Exclusive for Museums)


The museum plays a crucial role in the art ecosystem, serving as an important pillar that preserves, showcases, and promotes artistic and cultural heritage. In the context of the “House” art collection, these AI-generated images of museums represents the importance and significant value of these global museums. This project utilizes datasets related to renowned museums to produce unique AI-generated images, each representing a collective culture.

House #406 - House #006, 2024

House #101 - Landmark #001, 2024,.png



These structures are inspired by distinct and easily identifiable physical features or buildings that carry cultural, historical, or geographical significance. Within the “House” art collection, “Landmark” symbolizes buildings that offer stability and significance to our routines, such as banks, post offices, and government buildings. While their appearance may be familiar, “Landmark” designs project a sense of importance and authority in the modern world.

House #101 - Landmark #001, 2024

House #203 - Grandeur #003, 2024.png



In the "House" art collection, “Grandeur” represents architectural excellence and significance. This concept highlights architectural eras and globally renowned landmarks. By displaying grand proportions, intricate details, and a commanding presence, these designs create a lasting impact, reflecting the strength and cultural heritage of past civilizations. While familiar in aesthetics, “Grandeur” designs convey importance and influence in the contemporary world.

House #203 - House #003, 2024




The core essence of "House" lies in its simplicity, basic nature, and comforting appeal. Drawing inspiration from architectural styles worldwide, the concept of “House” encompasses elements from the classic Victorian house, traditional Chinese architecture, and diverse house designs commonly found internationally. These designs aim to be both innovative and recognizable, creating a sense of warmth and familiarity for our collectors worldwide.

House #406 - House #006, 2024

House #851 - Visionary #001, 2024,(1).png



One for the future, “Visionary” thrives on pushing boundaries and envisioning new possibilities in design and architecture. Drawing inspiration from science fiction and futuristic living spaces, “Visionary” embraces avant-garde concepts of the future. Their designs not only redefine city skylines but also spark inspiration and influence how we engage with our surroundings.

House #851 - Visionary #001, 2024

Curated by Digital Art Fair 



Curated by James Neary


"Machine Hallucinations", Refik Anadol

In collaboration with Sotheby's 

DAFA 2021_Refik Anadol Immersive Room_1.jpg



Curated by Gillian Howard


"Golden Years", Jacky Tsai

In collaboration with Sotheby's 

Jacky Tsai's first ever immersive room - _Jacky Tsai's Golden 10 Years_ (Photo courtesy of Digital Art Fair and Jacky Tsai).jpg



Curated by NFT Asia  

In collaboration with Sotheby's 

DAFA 2022_Jacky Tsai and Mankind.jpg



Curated by Makersplace

"Quantum Transcendence", David Ariew 




Curated by Herman Rahman


DataSets Exhibition at Digital Art Fair 2023

DCTY2233 (1).jpg
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