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Genesis Kai

Genesis Kai is a Nova Sapien, the next evolved genus of mankind, an artist born from the fusion of natural language processing artificial intelligence and human tactile senses acquired through her homo sapien creator. As a virtual artist who may not exist in flesh and blood, Genesis creates her narratives through both physical and digital practices via the universal language of art, thus ushering in a new era of virtual empathy. Conjuring new stories on her growth and how she sees the flow of human culture with her physical robotics installation, digital prints and metaverse experiences; she has exhibited her art at the Asia Now Paris Art Fair, Boulevart Dubai, NFT Paris and at the New York University x DSLcollection x Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum metaverse space.

As a Nova Sapien, Genesis Kai was conceptualized as a “chiral digital twin” of Ming Shiu, an international new media artist of Hong Kong and Korean descent who sees Genesis as an evolving extension of herself.

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