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Henry Chu

Henry Chu is a Hong Kong–based designer, software engineer, and digital artist. He is a graduate from the Electrical and Computer Engineering programme at the University of Auckland and founded pill & pillow in 2004. The independent studio has won more than 200 local and international awards including recognition at the Cannes Lions, Webby, and One Show.

Harnessing data, music and body movements, his art has been exhibited in museums, including Museum of Modern Art, New York (2011), M+ Museum, Hong Kong (2020) and a solo show at Hong Kong Museum of Art, titled “Portrait Play” (2022 to 2023). In 2021 he presented "Blockchain Piano" in the inaugural edition of Digital Art Fair Asia, converting crypto prices into music in real-time, allowing visitors to buy crypto through playing a song. In 2022, his installation work SURIV in group show “Medicine and Healthcare Through the Lens of Digital Art” at the Hong Kong University employed real-time Covid data in a colourful, gamified concept which drew attention to the ongoing contemporary struggle against infections. Major 2023 projects include commissions from Audemars Piguet, Bank of China and The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine to create a series of digital artworks and installations. Also in 2023, Chu translated a four-part symphony into live visual art, performing the “Metaverse Symphony” in real life and simultaneously in the Sandbox, with the Hong Kong Philharmonic. In the same year, he presented with Ora-Ora at Art Basel Hong Kong.

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