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數碼藝術家 Jonathan Jay Lee 多感官裝置藝術《Take Your Time》10月19-23日於K11 MUSEA Digital Art Fair 展出

Digital Art Fair 很高興與本年首席時間伙伴東方表行(@orientalwatchcompany)合作,跟著名藝術家 Jonathan Jay Lee(@jonathanjaylee)攜手踏上時光旅程,以數碼藝術的角度重新演繹香港傳統文化,與大家窺探香港的每個角落。✨🏛️是次藝術合作項目將融合了傳統價值與尖端的技術,呈現沉浸式的多感官藝術體驗,《TakeYourTime》以感官探索藝術與內在的自己,弘揚香港的文化遺產。⌛️🕒


Digital Art Fair is thrilled to announce its collaboration with our Lead Partner Oriental Watch Company. Together, we embark on a journey with renowned digital artist Jonathan Jay Lee to redefine how heritage is perceived in the digital age.✨🏛️This creative partnership merges traditional values with cutting-edge technology to create an multi-sensroy immersive experience, “Take Your Time” to connect with art and your inner self and celebrates the city’s cultural legacy.⌛️🕒


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