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Digital Art Fair 2023 Asia Edition celebrating art, culture and creativity at K11 MUSEA

The Digital Art Fair announces an expanded and more ambitious programme

for its 2023 Asia Edition in Hong Kong

Digital Art Fair - Asia Edition將於今年10月載譽歸來 沉浸式房間探索現實與數碼世界之間的界限 19-23 October 2023 6F Kunsthalle, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA

Caption: Preview of ‘Quantum Transcendence' by David Ariew. The work has been selected for this year’s immersive room. Image courtesy of David Ariew and MakersPlace

Taking place from Thursday 19 October to Monday 23 October in a new venue; Kunsthalle, K11 MUSEA. The Digital Art Fair – Asia Edition sees the return of all the fair’s special zones; Prestige, Immersive, Pioneer, Virtual and Inspire, each carefully curated to enhance the fair’s presentation of innovative digital fine art from around the world.

New in 2023

  • Extending the work of the Digital Art Foundation, the Digital Art Fair will inaugurate the Pioneer Prize in 2023. Presented in partnership with Braw Haus and Labyrinth Art, the Pioneer Prize supports emerging artists, awarding the winner with a residency, mentoring and exhibition exposure.

  • Oriental Watch Company, lead partner of Digital Art Fair 2023, launches their new partnership with the commission of a site-specific and multisensory installation by Hong Kong artist Jonathan Jay Lee, ‘Take your Time’.

  • The Fair’s thematic focus for 2023 is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The selection of this year’s Digital Artist of the Year, DATASETS – a Digital Art Fair showcase curated by Herman Rahman, and highlight panel discussions in the Inspire Series collectively examine the scope and diversity of this medium.

  • Once again the Digital Art Fair is generously supported by LG, whose innovative screen technology enables the Fair to optimise its showcase of exceptional artistic talent. LG OLED’s newest product range drives the potential of digital art, blurring the boundaries between digital and physical worlds with tangible and tactile digital canvases.

Showcasing and celebrating the limitless possibilities of digital art, the Digital Art Fair is a platform for artists and art organisations that push the boundaries of creativity and technology. Through embracing technology and preserving the authenticity and emotional impact of art, the Digital Art Fair seeks to foster a vibrant community that appreciates, critiques, and collects digital art, while nurturing the growth of artists working in this medium.

Digital Art Fair將於10月19日至23日強勢回歸,藝術盛事今年選址在K11 MUSEA的 Kunsthalle舉行,共有5個展區:Prestige、Immersive、Pioneer、Virtual和Inspire。 每個展區均經過精心設計和策劃,展示來自全球的創新數碼藝術作品。


  • 作為Digital Art Foundation的延伸,Digital Art Fair今年首度推出由Braw Haus 及Labyrinth Art共同頒發的「Pioneer Prize」,旨在支持新晉藝術家。得獎者將成 為駐場藝術家,並會得到指導和展出作品的機會。

  • Digital Art Fair與首席時間伙伴東方表行首度合作,推出由現居香港的美籍台灣藝術 家Jonathan Jay Lee創作的多感官裝置藝術《Take Your Time》。

  • 今年設有由Herman Rahman策劃的人工智能(AI)展區。今屆展覽的「年度數碼 藝術家」得主《DATASETS》連同Inspire系列的重點小組討論活動,一起探索數碼藝 術的涉獵範圍和多元性。

  • Digital Art Fair今年再度得到LG大力支持,提供其創新屏幕技術,令大會能更有效展 示參展藝術家的卓越才華。此外,LG OLED最新的產品系列驅動數碼藝術的潛力,透 過有形和富質感的畫作,打破數碼世界和現實世界之間的界限。

Digital Art Fair為致力打破創作和科技界限的藝術家及藝術團體提供平台,展現數碼藝術的 無限可能。大會充份利用現代科技,同時保留藝術的真實面貌和打動人心的魅力,致力發展一 個能欣賞、評價和熱愛收藏數碼藝術的活力社區,並支持數碼藝術家不斷進步。


Digital Art is the voice of our era, a reflection of our digital age, and a testament to the timeless human desire to create, express, and connect. As a long term advocate of the potential of technology to advance possibilities in the creation of new art, open up accessibility and overhaul the art market, it is exciting to see the adoption of Digital Art continue to expand in 2023.Gillian Howard, Founder, and Global Fair Director, Digital Art Fair.

"As an established local watch retailer, we are delighted to partner with Digital Art Fair. Leveraging on our campaign “Take Your Time to rediscover the city”, this project beautifully encapsulates our dedication to preserving Hong Kong's heritage through the lens of digital art. By merging technology with tradition, we aim to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts and heritage lovers." Anthony Tsang, Head of Marketing & Digital (Greater China Region) at Oriental Watch Company

"LG has a long standing commitment to providing innovative screen technology that drives the potential of digital art. We are honored to once again be the official screen partner of the Digital Art Fair and will be using the opportunity to further showcase how LG’s technology seamlessly integrates art pieces with practicality and artistic sense." Yuri Han, Managing Director of LG

Digital Art Fair創辦人兼展覽總監Gillian Howard表示:「數碼藝術是這時代的聲音,反 映數碼年代的精神面貌,亦見證人類對創造、表達思想和與世界聯繫的永恆渴望。我希望發揮 科技的潛力,開托新式藝術創作的可能性,乃至令藝術更普及,並為藝術市場帶來變革。看到 Digital Art Fair在2023年進一步擴大規模,實在令人振奮。」

東方表行市場推廣及數碼營銷主管(大中華區)Anthony Tsang表示:「作為本地鐘錶零 售商,今年很高興與Digital Art Fair 合作,以「Take Your Time to Rediscover The City 」品牌概念廣告為基礎,這次合作旨在以數位藝術項目體現出保存香港豐富文化遺產的 精神。透過將科技與傳統相結合,為藝術及傳統文化愛好者創造獨特和難忘的體驗。」

LG 董事總經理Yuri Han表示: 「LG非常榮幸連續第二年擔任Digital Art Fair 的官方屏幕合 作夥伴。LG 致力於提供創新的屏幕解決方案,推動數位藝術的可能性。今年我們將計劃於這 個盛大的藝術活動中探索藝術的多元表達和應用,令觀眾以有形的觸感方式與數位藝術互動, 模糊數位和實體世界之間的界限,讓藝術真正融入日常生活當中。」


Immersive Zone The fair's signature Immersive Room returns to bring visitors a unique opportunity to experience innovative digital art through multiple senses. Created by one of the world's leading digital artists and a pioneer in the field of 3D animation, David Ariew. 'Quantum Transcendence' is an immersive visual meditation that exists in a dimension of pure light and meditative reflection. Presented in partnership with MakersPlace, the monumental piece represents the culmination of a style that the artist has been pursuing since January 2021. The symmetry and constant movement of 'Quantum Transcendence' creates a hypnotic sensation, absorbing viewers into a soothing journey that pulsates with light and energy. This experience will be extended by a presentation, also in the Immersive Zone, of five more intimate VR pieces by Ariew.

Digital Art Fair標誌性的沉浸式房間(Immersive Room)載譽歸來,讓參觀者通過多感官 體驗創新的數碼藝術。由全球數一數二的數碼藝術家兼3D動畫先驅David Ariew製作,沉浸 式藝術作品《Quantum Transcendence》存在於純光和反射的維度,堪稱視覺冥想。與 MakersPlace聯手推出,作品代表藝術家從2021年1月起建立的獨特風格。對稱性和持續的動 作產生催眠的感覺,令觀者猶如被攝入令人舒泰的視覺幻象和充滿能量的體驗中。Ariew的五 件數碼藝術作品將於亞洲版的Digital Art Fair內的Immersive Zone首度亮相。

Prestige Zone The biggest names in digital art feature in the Prestige Zone, which presents galleries and digital platforms that fuse technology with fine art expertise to pioneer the future of collecting. As the scope and reach of the Digital Art Fair expands on a global scale we are pleased to have galleries and institutions joining us from Asia, Europe and America. This year’s annual selection of the Artist of the Year presents two anonymous artists, Botto and Claire Silver, whose work presents very different perspectives on AI art. Considered together they expand the dialogue on the scope and diversity of the medium, and make significant strides into exploring artistic possibilities that would not have been achievable using traditional methods alone.

Highlights from this year’s Prestige Zone include;

  • Andrea Bonaceto, Maotik and Funa Ye presented by TAEX, Paris, France

  • The Calder Question by The Calder Foundation and TR-LAB, Shanghai, China

  • David Ariew presented by MakersPlace, New York, USA

  • Ilhwa Kim, Jesse Woolston, Sougwen, Eser Gunduz, Zheng Lu, Orkhan, Agoria, Ivona Tau and Bustavo, presented by House of Fine Art Gallery, London, UK and New York USA

  • Henry Chu and Genesis Kai presented by Ora Ora Gallery , Hong Kong

  • Chris Yee, David Mcleod, Nick Thomm and Jonothan Zawada presented by Culture Vault, Sydney, Australia

Prestige Zone將匯聚當今數碼藝術界最享負盛名的藝術家和機構。在此區內,各個畫廊和數 碼平台把科技與美術專業相結合,為藝術收藏開創未來。Digital Art Fair所涵蓋的範疇與影 響力在全球範圍內持續擴大,我們喜獲亞洲及歐美多個畫廊和機構參加今年的展覽。此外,今 年的「年度藝術家」得主為Botto和Claire Silver,其作品展現獨特的AI藝術觀點,因而豐富了關於數碼藝術涵蓋範疇和多樣性對話。此外,他們亦積極探索傳統藝術無法實現的可能 性,並就此取得重大進展。

今年Prestige Zone的焦點包括:

  • Andrea Bonaceto、Maotik及Funa Ye:由法國巴黎的TAEX代表

  • The Calder Question by The Calder Foundation及中國上海的TR-LAB

  • David Ariew 由美國紐約的MakersPlace代表

  • Ilhwa Kim、Jesse Woolston、Sougwen、Eser Gunduz、Zheng Lu、 Orkhan、 Agoria、Ivona Tau and 及Bustavo:由英國倫敦及美國紐約的House of Fine Art Gallery代表

  • Henry Chu及Genesis Kai:由香港的Ora Ora Gallery代表

  • Chris Yee、David Mcleod、Nick Thomm:由澳洲悉尼的Culture Vault代表

Pioneer Zone The zone remains dedicated to discovering emerging artists who are forming the forefront of the digital art scene. Following an open call for submissions, a selection of five digital artists were shortlisted for the inaugural Pioneer Prize by a body of eight esteemed experts in the Web 3.0 arena. Justine Vilgrain and Patricia Gloum, Co-Founders, Braw Haus, Baptist Séjourne and Mathéo Messervy, Co-Artistic Directors, Labyrinth Art, Gillian Howard, Founder, and Global Fair Director, Digital Art Fair, James Neary and Paul Howard, Co-Founders, Digital Art Fair, and Jehan Chu, Digital Art Collector, have each brought their respective talents and differing perspectives into choosing the final artist shortlist. The shortlisted artists; Fuat Degirmenci, Nygilia McClain, Yu Kong, Farruk Murad, Sumbyos and INNSVX will be showcased in the Pioneer Zone ahead of the winner of the Pioneer Prize being selected by the judging panel and a public vote. The inaugural Pioneer Prize winner will be announced on 20 October 2023.

一如往年,此區聚焦多位數碼藝術界的新晉藝術家。經過一輪公開招募後,由Web 3.0界八 位知名專家組成的評審團選出了五位數碼藝術家,以角逐首屆「Pioneer Prize」。八位評判 分別為Braw Haus聯合創辦人Justine Vilgrain及Patricia Gloum、Labyrinth Art聯合藝術 總監Baptist Sé journe及Mathé o Messervy、Digital Art Fair創辦人兼全球展覽總監 Gillian Howard、Digital Art Fair聯合創辦人James Neary及Paul Howard,以及數碼藝術收藏家 Jehan Chu。他們以個人藝術視覺選出入圍的藝術家,入圍者分別為Fuat Degirmenchi、Nygilia McClain、Yu Kong、Farruk Murad、Yoann de Geterre及Lisa Licca Inn。其作品將會在Pioneer Zone展出,再由評審團及公眾投票選出首屆「Pioneer Prize」得獎者。賽果將於2023年10月20日公佈。

Virtual Zone Featuring virtual artworks using advanced immersive technology the Virtual Zone plugs visitors into another world. In a highlight feature of the Zone Curator Herman Rahman will present DATASETS, a showcase of generative art and AI art that utilises the transformative power of data as foundational material for art. Within DATASETS works by renowned artists, who have gained international acclaim for their groundbreaking contributions to the fields of generative art and AI, showcase the profound possibilities of utilizing vast amounts of information to create awe-inspiring and thought-provoking artworks.

Virtual Zone展示一系列以最新沉浸式技術製作的虛擬藝術品,把觀者帶進另一國度。區內 其中一大亮點,是策展人Herman Rahman的《DATASETS》。此項目利用數據的變革力 量作為基本原素,創作出衍生藝術和AI藝術。《DATASETS》內藏的作品,展示藝術家如何 利用數量龐大的資訊,創作令人驚嘆和引發人深思的藝術品。藝術家在衍生藝術和AI藝術方面 均有突出成就,因而飲譽國際。

Inspire Zone Taking Place in the Inspire Zone from 19 – 23 October 2023, the Digital Art Fair’s Inspire Series brings together a global community of artists, creatives and innovators to deep dive into the cutting-edge of digital art and web 3.0 technologies. The full programme will be announced ahead of the Fair when final details of the line-up are confirmed.

Digital Art Fair的「Inspire系列」將於2023年10月19日至23日在Inspire Zone展示。此系 列匯聚來自全球各地的藝術家、創作人和創新者,深入探索數碼藝術和Web 3.0技術。活動 詳情將於展覽開幕前公佈。


Images Please find a wider selection of high res images in the Creo Creative Media Centre All images should be credited: ‘Image courtesy of the Digital Art Fair and Artist’

DeepBlack#5056’ by DEEPBLACK, presented by DEEPBLACK in the Prestige Zone

Untitled’ by Nick Thomm, presented by Culture Vault in the Prestige Zone.

Loneliness of an earthling’ by Sumbyos Shortlisted artist for the Pioneer Prize

SoulTies’ by Nygillia McClain Shortlisted artist for the Pioneer Prize

Hybrid’ by Harm van den Dorpel, presented in the Virtual Zone

REPEATER’ by Damon Zucconi, presented in the Virtual Zone

Notes to Editors About Digital Art Fair Digital Art Fair is the world leading fair dedicated to promote digital art, creativity, technology and innovation. With a passion for pushing boundaries, the fair provides an unique art experience that celebrates the fusion of art and technology. The Digital Art Fair – Asia Edition 2023 at the Kunsthalle in K11 MUSEA is our latest endeavor, showcasing cutting-edge digital art installations and featuring an exciting collaboration with industry leaders.

關於Digital Art Fair Digital Art Fair是全球領先的數碼藝術展覽,致力於推廣數碼藝術、創意、技術和創新,展 覽推進藝術的界限,透過獨特的藝術體驗,慶祝藝術和技術的融合。在K11 MUSEA舉行的 Digital Art Fair會是該展覽歷來的最新項目,結合了藝術、科技、時尚和奢華,展示尖端的 數碼藝術裝置,並與各行業領導者合作。

About Oriental Watch Company Established in 1961, Oriental Watch Company is the first watch retailer listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 398). Over the years, the Company has developed a network of retail shops in the Greater China Region and become one of the largest watch retailers in the region renowned of its reputation, credibility, and scale. The Company carries around 100 world prestigious brands with stores located at the prime position of major shopping hubs. With the accessible locations and extensive networks, customers can enjoy convenient and comfortable shopping experiences with ease.


東方表行有限公司成立於1961年,是首間於香港聯合交易所上市的鐘表零售商(股票編號: 0398),為業內之翹楚;現時旗下分店網絡覆蓋大中華區,為區內具信譽及規模的鐘表零售 商之一。東方表行代理近百個世界頂級鐘表品牌,旗下門店皆座落於市中心的黃金地段,令東 方表行坐擁極大的營運優勢,亦為顧客提供方便及舒適的購物環境。

About LG Electronics, Inc. LG Electronics is a global innovator in technology and consumer electronics with a presence in almost every country and an international workforce of more than 74,000. LG’s four companies – Home Appliance & Air Solution, Home Entertainment, Vehicle component Solutions and Business Solutions – combined for global revenue of over KRW 80 trillion in 2022. LG is a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial products ranging from TVs, home appliances, air solutions, monitors, service robots, automotive components and its premium LG SIGNATURE and intelligent LG ThinQ brands are familiar names world over. Visit for the latest news.

關於LG電子 LG 電子作為全球創新技術和電子消費品領域的領導者,業務遍佈全球,並擁有超過 74,000 名員工。 LG 電子包括四大業務領域——生活家電和空氣護理方案、家庭娛樂、汽車零件及商 用方案。於2022 年,LG電子全球綜合銷售總額超過 80 萬億韓元,並為全球平面電視、生活 家電、空氣護理方案、電子屏幕、服務機械人及汽車零件等商品的領先生產商。品牌旗下配備 頂尖人工智能技術的LG SIGNATURE及LG ThinQ產品系列亦備受國際認可。更多有關於 LG 電子的資訊,請瀏覽。

Important Dates for Media

Fair Dates: 19 – 23 October 2023 Location: 6F Kunsthalle, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA

Media Preview Thursday 19 October, 10:00-12:00

Opening Times Preview (by invitation only)

Thursday 19 October, 12:00 – 21:00

VIP Days Friday 20 October: 11:00 – 21:00

Saturday 21 October: 11:00 – 21:00

Public Days Sunday 22 October: 11:00 – 21:00

Monday 23 October: 11:00 – 19:00


For the latest updates on the Digital Art Fair, visit, or follow us on Instagram @digitalartfairasia or X @digitalartfair

重要日期 Digital Art Fair舉行日期:2023年10月19日 – 23日 地點: K11 MUSEA 6樓 K11 Art & Cultural Centre, Kunsthalle


10月19日(星期四):10:00 – 12:00


10月19日(星期四):12:00 – 21:00


10月20日(星期五):11:00 – 21:00

10月21日(星期六):11:00 – 21:00


10月22日(星期日):11:00 – 21:00

10月23 日(星期一):11:00 – 19:00

門票 2023

有關Digital Art Fair的最新動態,請瀏覽,或關注我們的 Instagram: @digitalartfairasia或 X : @digitalartfair

傳媒聯絡 Rosanna Herries | | +852 6117 3390 Alison Li | | +852 9493 3292


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