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Damien Hirst from traditional work to NFT💥

Damien Hirst (@damienhirst) is a British artist who is known for his controversial artwork like his Spot paintings, medicine cabinet sculptures, and glass tank installations. In recent years, Hirst has ventured into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by creating his own NFTs.

Artwork Courtesy of @damienhirst

In July 2021, Hirst announced the release of his first NFT collection "The Currency." The collection features 10,000 unique NFTs, each representing a physical artwork. The physical artworks were all handmade which Hirst started creating in 2016 using enamel paint🔴⚪️🔵🟡

Collectors who bought one had to choose between keeping the NFT or swapping it for the physical artwork. Those who chose the NFTs were told their corresponding physical piece would be destroyed. 5,149 buyers decided to keep the physical artwork, while 4,851 collectors keeping the NFT.



Damien Hirst是一位英國藝術家,以其具爭議性的作品而聞名,例如他的斑點畫、藥櫃雕塑和玻璃水族箱裝置藝術。近年,Hirst創建了自己的NFT,進軍加密貨幣和區塊鏈的世界。

2021年7月,Hirst宣布推出他的第一個NFT系列「The Currency」,該系列包括10,000個獨一無二的NFT,各代表一件實體藝術品,這些實體藝術品均由Hirst於2016年使用搪瓷漆手工製作🔴⚪️🔵🟡




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