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Digital Art Fair X Phillips Presents Spectacular Collection of Digital Art Featuring Leading Digital

Installation photo: “Quantum Stargate” by David Ariew at Digital Art Fair 2023

Digital Art Fair is thrilled to announce its partnership with Phillips, presenting an extraordinary collection of groundbreaking digital art followed by the highly anticipated Digital Art Fair Asia Edition in October 2023. The auction scheduled from December 6 to December 13 will feature exclusive works by renowned digital artists David Ariew, Refik Anadol and Emily Xie. The unique opportunity allows attendees to witness firsthand experience, the exceptional talents and artistic innovation shaping the digital art landscape.

During the auction period, art enthusiasts and collectors can experience these exceptional digital art pieces in person at Phillips’ new headquarters in the WKCDA Tower in Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District. Attendees are granted an exclusive opportunity to foster a deeper connection with the artists' visions as they engage with the artworks, appreciating their intricate details and immersing themselves in their captivating qualities. The collaboration with Phillips adds a new dimension to Digital Art Fair, redefining the art sector by showcasing the transformative power of digital artwork with the aid of AI technology that shapes the future of artistic expression.

“Bosphorus : Data Sculpture” by Refik Anadol

To enhance the immersive experience of the auction, Digital Art Fair is proud to announce the continuous partnership with LG, a global leader in technology and innovation. LG will be providing cutting-edge and superior display quality TV screens to showcase the digital artworks during the auction. By utilising LG's advanced display technology, the artworks will be imbued with a vibrant vitality, captivating viewers with an awe-inspiring visual spectacle that allows for a profound exploration and connection with the artists' visions.

"The collaboration with Phillips represents a powerful synergy between the new world of digital art and the traditional art market. We are proud to embark on this journey with Phillips, as we reshape the artistic landscape and pave the way for the future of creativity.” Gillian Howard, Founder, and Global Fair Director of Digital Art Fair.

"Through our successful partnership with the Digital Art Fair over the past two years, we are thrilled to take our collaboration to new heights in support of the online auction by Philips and the Digital Art Fair. Harnessing the power of LG’s cutting-edge screen technology, we proudly showcase these remarkable digital artworks, celebrating their exceptional beauty and ingenuity on our state-of-the-art TV displays. It is an honour to be a part of this momentous occasion, where we can fully appreciate and showcase the extraordinary talent and creativity behind these captivating masterpieces." Yuri Han, Managing Director of LG.

Installation photo: Auction Lots on show now at Phillips Gallery, West Kowloon, Hong Kong


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