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Jacky Tsai Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022 Jay Chou

Meet our Digital Artist of the Year Jacky Tsai.

Grown in Hong Kong, Digital Art Fair aspires to promote artists from Hong Kong, Asia and beyond. This year, we are honoured to present the world’s leading Chinese contemporary pop artist Jacky Tsai.

London-based Chinese artist Jacky Tsai is well known for his interplay of Chinese and Western cultures, fusing symbolic references from traditional eastern art and imagery with western pop art references. Notable works include the floral skull emblem for British fashion designer Alexander McQueen and Parody of Jay’s Music commissioned by famous Mandopop singer Jay Chou. Last year, Tsai’s iconic “China Floral Skull” NFT piece was sold for US$302,400 at Sotheby’s by auction.

In addition to his art, in 2011 Tsai developed his own fashion label, which saw high profile collaborations with leading department stores Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford, as well as internationally acclaimed Chinese luxury brand Shanghai Tang. Tsai’s diverse works have gained him international acclaim and he has enjoyed a successful career to date.

At Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022 opening this October, Tsai will be presenting his first ever immersive room combining 10 years of his work, alongside different forms of digital and physical art presented throughout in the immersive zone of the fair.

“This historic collaboration with Digital Art Fair is indeed a breakthrough of my career as a London-based Chinese contemporary artist,” Tsai said.

“In this exhibition, I am delighted to present different forms of digital and physical art - such as the immersive art experience ‘Jacky Tsai’s 10 years’, a special hologram which is rarely seen in fine art fairs, and also projection, NFTs, prints and sculptures.”

Get your tickets on Klook to experience some genuinely Chinese digital artworks with unique East-meets-West cultural elements, style, logic, value and thoughts!


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