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How @dribnet unveils AI's Perceptual Exploration through Creative Coding?

[Artwork Courtesy of @dribnet]

🖌️ Tom White (@dribnet) is a distinguished artist and computational design lecturer at Victoria University from New Zealand. His expertise lies in "creative coding," and he gained recognition as a featured artist in the inaugural mainstream exhibition dedicated to AI art.

🤖 Tom's artwork explores the Algorithmic Gaze, revealing how machines see, know, and articulate our world. As machine perception becomes more pervasive in our daily lives, the world as seen by computers becomes our dominant reality. Using convolutional neural network (CNN*), he generates abstract prints that are recognized as specific objects by other AI systems. The intriguing revelation occurs when these prints are confirmed as specific objects, like starfish or cabbages, by other AI systems.

🌟Tom White’s work has been showcased in exhibitions worldwide, including Gradient Decent in New Delhi and ARTificial Art & AI in Montreal. White perceives AI as a unique cultural prism, offering distinct visual comprehension. Through AI-generated prints, he explores the harmonies and divergences between human and AI intelligences, unveiling profound insights into our shared world.

*A convolutional neural network (CNN) is a type of artificial intelligence algorithm designed to analyze and understand visual data by focusing on specific features and patterns within the data.


#數碼藝術專家指南: @dribnet 透過創意編碼揭示人工智慧的感知探索

🖌️ Tom White (@dribnet) 是一位來自紐西蘭的知名藝術家和計算設計的講師,他擅長「創意編碼」,並以特別藝術家的身份在首屆專注於人工智慧藝術的主流展覽中獲得認可。

🤖 Tom White 的藝術作品深入探索演算法的凝視角度,提供了機器如何看待、理解和詮釋我們的世界的,隨著機器感知在我們日常生活中變得越來越普遍,電腦的視角成為主導我們的現實。Tom White 利用卷積神經網絡 (CNN*) 生成抽象的印刷作品,這些作品被其他人工智慧系統識別為具體的物體。有趣的發現是,這些印刷作品被其他人工智慧系統確認為可識別的物體,例如海星或生菜。

🌟 Tom White的作品在全球各地的展覽中展出,包括在新德里舉辦的Gradient Decent展覽和蒙特利爾的ARTificial Art & AI展覽,他將人工智慧視為一種獨特的文化光柱提供了獨特的視覺理解,通過人工智慧生成的印刷作品,他探索人類和人工智慧智能之間的和諧與差異,揭示了兩者間共同世界的深刻洞察。


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