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Introducing our shortlisted Pioneer Prize artist: Nygilia McClain🌟

Nygilia (@nygi_xxv) stands as a proficient multidisciplinary artist, deftly crafting mixed-media artworks that draw inspiration from the realms of fantasy, gaming and the rich tapestry of multicultural influences. Originating from New York, her creative evolution was nurtured by a childhood immersed in basketball and video games, including iconic titles like Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. This exposure kindled a profounded affinity for the narrative power, cultural depth, and visual expression found within these realms.

An esteemed presence in international galleries and esteemed museums, Nygilia's artistic signature is one of avant-garde distinction. Her evocative compositions beckon viewers to embark on an introspective journey into otherworldly realms. 🎨🌌

By seamlessly integrating technologies like Virtual Reality, AI, 3D, and Digital Painting, she forges a groundbreaking path in generative fantasy, where characters and worlds emerge in a symphony of innovation. 🚀🖼️

Special thanks to Braw haus (@brawhaus) and Labyrinth.arts' ( @labyrinth.bali)support for the Pioneer Prize. The winner of the Pioneer Prize will be announced during the fair. Stay tuned for the big reveal! 🎉👏


Pioneer Prize入圍藝術家介紹:Nygilia McClain🌟

Nygilia(@nygi_xxv) 是一位精通多學科的藝術家,她巧妙地製作混合媒體藝術作品,從幻想、遊戲和豐富的多元文化影響中汲取靈感。她來自紐約,童年時期沉迷於籃球和視頻遊戲,包括《最終幻想》和《塞爾達傳說》等經典遊戲。這對她的創作產生了深遠的影響,並加深了她對這些領域的敘事能力、文化深度和視覺表現力。

Nygilia的作品在國際畫廊和博物館中備受尊敬和關注,她的藝術具有前衛的獨特性,她引人入勝的作品邀請觀眾踏上一次對異世界領域的反思之旅。 🎨🌌


特別感謝Braw Haus (@brawhaus) 和 ( @labyrinth.bali) 對Pioneer Prize的支持,Pioneer Prize的獲獎者將在展會期間宣布。敬請期待! 🎉👏


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