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Introducing our shortlisted Pioneer Prize artist: Sumbyos🌟

Symbyos (@sumbyos) is a London-based 3D artist and cultural worker specializing in animation. Gradually carving a niche for himself in the NFT world, his works reflect his deep-seated inspiration drawn from alternative and underground cultures, as well as his love for fashion and nature. He likes to imagine and design dreamlike landscapes in which he highlights femininity as a synonym of strength and supremacy.

As a London-based 3D artist and cultural worker specializing in animation, Sumbyos's works have been exhibited in Montreal, New York, Milan, Taiwan, and Iraq. 🌍🌟

He has collaborated with several prestigious companies, including Valentino Beauty and Hogan. Recently, he designed animations for the immersive scenography of a fashion show and created a mesmerizing metaverse for Braw Haus. 🎥👗✨

Many of his NFT works are showcased on platforms like SuperRare, Foundation, and, where he has already achieved multiple successful sales. 🖼️💰

Special thanks to Braw haus (@brawhaus) and Labyrinth.arts' ( @labyrinth.bali) support for the Pioneer Prize. The winner of the Pioneer Prize will be announced during the fair. Stay tuned for the big reveal! 🎉👏


Pioneer Prize入圍藝術家介紹:Sumbyos 🌟

Symbyos (@sumbyos)是一位來自倫敦的三維藝術家和文化工作者,擅長動畫製作。他的作品反映了他從亞文化和地下文化中汲取的深層靈感,以及他對時尚和大自然的熱愛。 他喜歡想象和設計夢幻般的景觀,在這些景觀中,他強調了女性化作為力量和至高和優越的標籤。

Sumbyos 的作品曾在蒙特婁、紐約、米蘭、台灣和伊拉克展出。 🌍🌟他曾與多家著名公司合作,包括 Valentino Beauty 和 Hogan。最近,他為時裝秀的沉浸式場景設計了動畫,並為 Braw Haus 創造了一個令人著迷的元宇宙。 🎥👗✨

他的許多NFT 作品皆在 SuperRare、Foundation 和 等平台上展示,並已在這些平台上成功出售。 🖼️💰

特別感謝Braw Haus和Labyrinth.art對Pioneer Prize的支持,Pioneer Prize的獲獎者將在展會期間宣布。敬請期待! 🎉👏


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