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Introducing our shortlisted Pioneer Prize artist: Yu Kong🌟

YuKong (, based in Chengdu, China, holds a degree in creative technology from AUT (Auckland University of Technology). His educational background spans various disciplines, including creative coding, motion design, digital fabrication, and narrative storytelling.

This marks Yu Kong's debut in international-level art exhibitions. Previously, his artistic journey revolved around new media art, encompassing the creation of real-time motion graphics and interactive installations 🎨🖥️. He has also collaborated with renowned traditional artists like Dennis Chan HAHALULU and 大地之子, contributing to their work through NFT creation, digital content design, and the development of immersive environments 🤝💡🌐

Special thanks to Braw haus (@brawhaus) and ( @labyrinth.bali) support for the Pioneer Prize. The winner of the Pioneer Prize will be announced during the fair. Stay tuned for the big reveal! 🎉👏


Pioneer Prize入圍藝術家介紹:Yu Kong🌟


這是Yu Kong首次參加國際級藝術展覽。此前,他的藝術創作以新媒體藝術為中心,涉及實時動態圖像和互動裝置的創作🎨🖥️。他還與 Dennis Chan HAHALULU 和大地之子等知名傳統藝術家合作,通過 NFT 創作、數字內容設計和沈浸式環境開發為他們的作品做出貢獻🤝💡🌐

特別感謝Braw Haus和Labyrinth.art對Pioneer Prize的支持,Pioneer Prize的獲獎者將在展會期間宣布。敬請期待! 🎉👏


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