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Digital art fair partner with LG to showcase world class digital fine art
LG Transparent OLED Signage displaying Refik Anadol's AI driven NFT collection ‘An Important Memory for Humanity,’ in Seoul. Image courtesy of LG Display Newsroom.

One month till Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022 opens in Central! Entrusted by art tech and metaverse pioneers from all over the world, Digital Art Fair will be showcasing hundreds of artworks by world renowned artists and international galleries. The Curation team of Digital Art Fair expressed excitement working with LG’s transparent screen for the first time.

Revolutionary display equipment is essential in showcasing the finest details of these digital art masterpieces, which come in a wide range of sizes and digital art mediums. Powered by platinum sponsor and exclusive screen partner LG Electronics Hong Kong (LG), Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022 is set to be engaging and unforgettable.

Digital Art Fair LG Partnership LG Art Lab at Frieze Seoul
LG Art Lab showcase at Frieze Seoul. Photo by Digital Art Fair.

LG is the creator of the world’s most awarded OLED TV range. The innovative market leader is even pushing its OLED display technology to another level by making the screens transparent. Digital Art Fair Founder and Global Fair Director Mrs. Gillian Howard was amazed by the extraordinary image quality and diverse application of LG screens when she was in South Korea in early September for Frieze Seoul and Kiaf.

“LG display screens are highly recognised that you can find them everywhere, indoor and also big billboards outdoors. One thing is common is that the quality is equally stunning,” Mrs Howard observed.

“Particularly impressive was the showcase of LG Art Lab at Frieze Seoul. The idea of trading and enjoying NFTs on LG’s premium TVs makes us more excited about the development of digital art. ”

Digital Art Fair LG Partnership OLED TV 4K Showcase at Frieze Seoul
LG Art Lab showcase at Frieze Seoul. Image courtesy of LG Newsroom.

Digital Art Fair curators are enjoying every moment of their work creating the futuristic showcase with the extraordinary LG display screens. Get your tickets on Klook to find out how the state-of-the-art display equipment will add to our high-tech art Xperience. Or contact us to check out our corporate packages for bulk purchase and exclusive perks!

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