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Presented by TAEX - We're proud to showcase MAOTIK as Digital Art Fair 2023 Featured Artist🎨

We’re proud to showcase MAOTIK(@maotik) as Digital Art Fair 2023 featured artist, presented by Art Experience partner TAEX (@taex_com)🌟

MAOTIK is a French digital artist who focuses on creating immersive environments, interactive installations, and digital architectural sculptures and audiovisual performances that blur the lines between art, science, and technology. 🚀✨

MAOTIK’s (@maotik) artistic journey is a fusion of art and technology, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From international festivals like Mutek and Art Basel to renowned institutions like ARS Electronica and the British Film Institute, MAOTIK's work has taken the world by storm.🌐🌏

In constant collaboration with artists from other disciplines such as music, dance, theatre, architecture, even with scientists, MAOTIK (@maotik) investigates the relation between arts and technology, exploring new artistic languages.

Stay tuned as we embark on a journey through the diverse and awe-inspiring artwork of MAOTIK, where art and technology collide to create unforgettable experiences. 🌠🌐


🎨 我們很高興Digital Art Fair 2023與藝術體驗合作夥伴TAEX展出MAOTIK的作品 🌟

MAOTIK是一位法國數碼藝術家專注於創造沉浸式環境、互動式裝置藝術、數碼建築雕塑,融合了藝術、科學和技術之間的視聽表演。 🚀✨

MAOTIK的創作過程融合了藝術與科技,不斷挑戰藝術的邊界,從Mutek和Art Basel等國際音樂和藝術節到著名機構如ARS Electronica和英國電影學院,MAOTIK的作品已經席捲了全球。 🌐🌏


請繼續關注Digital Art Fair 2023,因為我們即將踏上一場穿越 MAOTIK 令人驚嘆的藝術作品之旅,在這裡感受藝術與技術碰撞,創造難以忘懷的體驗。 🌠🌐


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