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We are pleased to announce David Ariew as the Immersive Room Artist at Digital Art Fair 2023💥

In "Quantum Transcendence," David Ariew (@davidariew) weaves a tapestry of symmetry, motion, and luminescence that lures the viewer into an interstice between worlds. The experience presented is a visual meditation, a sanctuary for the mind to traverse the depths of the universe and to ascend into a realm where the ordinary is replaced by the extraordinary 🌌

David Ariew's artwork is a dance between the digital and the metaphysical, a harmonious convergence of technique and emotion that unveils a celestial landscape. The symmetry that pervades this creation evokes a profound sense of harmony and unity. It is a reflection of the elegant order that underlies the cosmos, inviting the viewer to consider the cosmic ballet of forces that shape our reality.

"Quantum Transcendence," an immersive 3D infinite mirror room by visionary artist David Ariew, serves as an intricate portal to a dimension of pure light, reflection, and ethereal beauty🧘🏻

Prepare to embark on an otherworldly expedition that transcends the boundaries of reality and delves into the realm of the sublime at Digital Art Fair 2023!✨


David Ariew在「量子超越」這個作品中編織了一幅有關對稱、動態和發光的畫卷,吸引觀眾進入一個世界裂縫。所呈現的體驗是一種視覺冥想,一個供思緒遨遊宇宙深處、昇華到普通被非凡所替代的心靈聖所🌌

David Ariew的藝術作品數碼與玄學之間的一場舞蹈,是技巧和情感的和諧交匯,揭示了一個精妙的景觀。作品的對稱性給人一種和諧統一的感覺,反映了宇宙中的優雅秩序,邀請觀眾去思考這場宇宙中的芭蕾如何塑造我們的現實世界。

💥我們非常高興地宣布David Ariew為Digital Art Fair 2023 沈浸式藝術空間藝術家💥

數碼藝術家David Ariew大膽創作的沈浸式藝術空間「量子超越」,是一扇通往光明、映像和飄渺之美的精細大門🧘🏻

準備在Digital Art Fair 2023 踏上一次超越現實邊界、探索崇高的異世界!


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