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We’re pleased to announce Tyler Hobbs highlighted artwork will be showcased at Digital Art Fair 2023

Tyler Hobbs (@tylerxhobbs) is a digital artist known for his mesmerizing generative art pieces. In 2021, Tyler Hobbs created “Fidenza” by the most complicated algorithm he coded to produce images. A series of 999 computer-generated images are minted as individual NFTs.

Check out the amazing piece at our fair!🔥


我們很高興Digital Art Fair 2023將展出Tyler Hobbs的作品🌟

Tyler Hobbs是一位以生成藝術作品而聞名的數碼藝術家,他在2021年利用他編寫的複雜演算法,以生成圖像的方式創作了「Fidenza」系列作品,999張由電腦生成的圖像被鑄造成獨立的NFT。



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