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We’re pleased to announce Yue Minjun highlighted artwork will be showcased at Digital Art Fair 2023

Yue Minjun (@yueminjun001) is one of the most prominent blue-chip contemporary artists, enters the Web3 arena with an adventurous and groundbreaking multi-chapter project Kingdom of the Laughing Man. Boundless, this collection‘s first drop integrates unique and fun traits in Yue Minjun’s iconic self-portrait style. Each piece breaks tradition, reinterpreting the artist‘s work through the prism of blockchain technology.

Check out the amazing piece at our fair!🔥


我們很高興Digital Art Fair 2023將展出岳敏君的作品🌟

岳敏君是著名當代藍籌藝術家之一,他以一個充滿冒險精神和開創性項目《Kingdom of the Laughing Man》打入Web3市場,首次發行的《Boundless》系列將岳敏君標誌性的自畫像風格與獨特有趣的元素融合在一起,每件作品都打破傳統,通過區塊鏈技術的棱鏡重新演繹藝術家的作品。



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