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Artemis Gallery


Martina Menegon
Armin Keplinger

Featured Artists:

Symbolically, we use the goddess name (Artemis) to invoke peculiar attributes of transformation and constant renewal.
Driven by these qualities, our aim is to support the artists (emerging and established) in which we believe, in order to contribute to the development of their artistic process in Portugal and abroad.

We’re building a structural mainframe dialoguing with artists, customers, collectors, institutions and art fairs;
We’re promoting a creative flow in an open and groundbreaking art space.

As the first digital art gallery in Portugal, our aim is to belong to a remarkable art movement, actively working for this historical transition of world cycles.
We’ll build a bridge between the present time and the time to come, allowing that, through art and technology, we can move ourselves to the future.

 Artemis Gallery
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