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Max Estrella Gallery


Charles Sandison
Eugenio Ampudia

Featured Artists:

Max Estrella opened its doors in 1994. The foundational vision was to present both a new generation of emerging and consolidated artists from Spain and abroad. A coherent roster represents our goal to break new ground in contemporary art, whether it is video, painting, photography, sculpture and installation, with a special focus on new technologies.
Most recently and concurrently with Arco Art Fair, María La Ribot had a solo show at Alcalá 31 art space, which was a big success. Titled Human Scale she hosted a daily performance for a month and a half. She was awarded with the 2020 Venice Biennale’s dance golden Lion, and is Spain’s most important art performer. Also during Arco, we had a solo show with Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s new pieces. Titled Haciendo Agua it was his fourth exhibition at the gallery. Lozano-Hemmer is one of the most important digital artists in the world.
In 2021, we had a Jessica Stockholder solo show at the gallery, which got excellent reviews. Maco Godoy’s exhibition on social turmoil in Santiago de Chile in 2019 was also remarkable.
In spite the Covid crisis, we had two very important shows in 2020. Titled Proust’s Madeleine: Everyday Anthropocentrism, we opened a group show in February with worldwide renowned artists such as Eduardo Basualdo, Hans Op de Beeck, or Erwin Wurm. Then in September we showed Eugenio Ampudia’s photographs and art video from his concert for plants at the Opera house in Barcelona. This action had a massive worldwide impact with media coverage from 180 countries.
It’s also worth mentioning Max Estrella representation of José Val del Omar state. Considered one of the founding fathers of new media art, Val del Omar is part of the Reina Sofía Museum collection where his work is permanently on show.

Max Estrella Gallery
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