Role of Female in NFT: In the Eyes of Female Artists


Date: 15 October Friday

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm HKT

Venue: DAFA Seminar Area, 1F Asia Standard Tower

Format: Seminar/Webinar

Speakers: Claudia Chanhoi, Sharmaine Kwan, Vivian Ho

Moderator: Denise Tsui, Cobo Social

Language: English

The NFT market holds endless possibilities for creatives, but within the male dominating landscape, women only make up around 15% of crypto users. Introducing three female artists at DAFA, the panel discussion explores the journey of these artists navigating through the crypto art space, and ways in which the decentralised art market offers opportunities for autonomy and agency outside of the traditional art world.


Claudia Chanhoi 

Illustrator Artist

Claudia Chanhoi graduated from London College of Communication in 2013 where she was already strongly focused on the sexual objectification of women. After working as a designer, she returned to my personal practice through her Instagram account. Quickly, the social media platform censored her works showing female body parts even though the style was far from explicit. She then played with the boundaries of the censorship algorithm, adding flying. birds or sceneries into the images, finding these details would keep the post from being deleted. She went on to question societal views of women’s bodies, where sexualization is openly abundant while nudity is taboo. Her practice became a process of reclaiming ownership of her own sexuality. Lighthearted and playful images with clean lines and candy colours, bare raw empowerment. Over the past 5 years, she has held solo exhibitions in Miami, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing. The artist recognition has brought her the opportunities to work with clients, such as LELO, Lush, AMV BBDO, NBC News, CoppaFeel!, HarperCollins Publishers, JAJA Tequila, etc. She work has been featured on Tatler, Hashtag Legend. Creative Review, TimeOut, It's Nice that, Apple Daily, Konbini, Love Watt, Galore Magazine, etc…


Vivian Ho 

Illustration Artist

Born and bred in Hong kong, Vivian graduated from Wesleyan University (economics & studio art) and been active in the Art and Design scene ever since. Her figurative oil paintings consistently deal with the conventional definition of “ugly” and “beauty”. For her, true beauty lies in authenticity that includes elements of grotesque at the same time. Her illustrations are full of dark humour and surrealism.She has held multiple solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas. Her works are currently collected by M+ Museum, the Valmont Foundation, Nishiji Collection and ex Copelouzos Family Art Museum. 


Sharmaine Kwan


Sharmaine Kwan is an artist from Hong Kong who received her Fine Art degree in the UK. She is also the author of 'Traditional Chinese Painting - Masterpieces of Art' and 'How to Paint - Made Easy'. She is interested in urban environments, the city and its culture, as well as the future. Her work explores and brings to light these aspects in a contemporary and engaging approach through a range of both traditional and digital media where she often combines various elements in her artworks. Her work traverses across different types of media such as painting, neon light, installation art, new media art, sculpture, video, and interactive art. She also engages in art commissions and collaborations with international brands, organisations and events. Her work has been shown worldwide in different locations such as London, Moscow, Portugal, South Korea, Macedonia, Beijing, Poland, and Hong Kong. She has also received awards from international art competitions and has participated in overseas artist programmes and residencies.

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Denise Tsui

Managing Editor, CoBo Social

Denise Tsui is the Managing Editor of CoBo Social. A Hong Kong-born Aussie, Denise’s research interests are primarily in the dynamics of the art market, post-war art history and the study of exhibition models. Denise holds a BA in Fine Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts and a MA in Art Curatorship from the University of Melbourne. Previously she has worked as an editor for ArtAsiaPacific and the curator for a private collection of Australian and New Zealand art.

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