Values, Ownership & Authority: From Photography to Digital Art


Date: 18 October, Monday

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm HKT

Venue: DAFA Seminar Area, 1/F Asia Standard Tower 

Format: Seminar/Webinar

Speakers:  Derry Ainsworth, Joyce Yung, Blair Sugarman, Sean Foley

Moderator: Gillian Au Howard, Digital Art Fair Asia

Language: English

The first photographs date back to the 1820s with photography entering the realm of fine arts in the nineteenth century, disrupting traditional views of paintings. With the rise of NFT comes a new debate beyond the analogue and digital. What does it mean for photographers to create NFTs, and how does it alter its associated values, ownerships and authority? While NFTs provide a way to tokenize both digital and physical assets for digital exchange, the panel of pioneer NFT photographers shares on their journey and the ramifications of the digital society and the NFT revolution.


Derry Ainsworth

​Photographer, Curator of Photography Zone, Digital Art Fair Asia 

Derry Ainsworth is a British photographer based in Hong Kong whose unique work captures the buzzing life of big cities around the world. His work focuses on architecture, cityscape, street and all the happenings within the city. Ainsworth's work has been featured by numerous publications and TV shows, such as Viu TV, Timeout, Cathay Pacific, HK Tourism Board and SCMP. 


Derry has captured Asia's culture with his lens with a variety of experiences and skills  - from cityscapes to portraits, food to interiors, drone work to videography. To this day he continues to explore the city with his free time, constantly looking for new and unique ways to capture the city of Hong Kong.

Derry Ainsworth .jpg

Joyce Yung


Joyce Yung is a Hong Kong based portrait and lifestyle photographer, known for her energetic and soulful photos. She has a keen eye for details and emotions, and loves being able to capture life changing and beautiful moments. She was featured as one of the Top 100 Photographers From Around the World 2016 by Shutterstock. Joyce also co-founded Random Art Workshop (RAW) Media with her husband Derek Ting. RAW Media focuses on content strategy and creation for international brands, corporates, and film production.

Portrait Joyce-4 Final BW Square.jpg

Blair Sugarman


After moving back to Hong Kong in 2019, Blair began taking his camera out with him to capture daily life on the streets of Hong Kong. After buying a drone and lighting equipment, Blair and John started experimenting with creating unique images using light painting to highlight specific subjects.


Blair is a versatile photographer whose work spans aerial, architectural, street and portrait photography. He aims to create images of the environment around him that show both the beauty of the scenery and the more intimate, personal moments hidden within it.

Blair Sugarman3.jpeg

Sean Foley


Sean Foley is an Australian street photographer based in Hong Kong. His photography captures moments of solitude within a chaotic urban environment with imagery based around vibrant neon signs and gritty dystopian landscapes. Sean’s artwork reveals a cinematic atmosphere fuelled by his love for the city’s neon signs. His work has been
featured in various publications internationally, such as Hong Kong Free Press, Esquire, Hong Kong Tourist Board, OpenEye Magazine and many more.

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Gillian Au Howard

Co-founder & Fair Director, Digital Art Fair Asia

Gillian Au Howard is the co-director of Digital Art Fair Asia - the new generation of art fair in Asia focusing on new media art, NFT art and immersive art experience. 

Accomplished in fine galleries and museum management, Gillian has previously managed private museum collections and international galleries in Hong Kong and London. She has also consulted museum projects in Hong Kong, China and Russia. She also studied Art Business with the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London, With an extensive knowledge of new media art, she is now leading the Digital Art Fair Asia team and curators on creating a brand new art experience combining art and technology such as blockchain, 3D mapping, VR and AR.

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