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Blue Sapphire

Mediha Ting’s Ray of Light series, comprised of seventeen works, employs her signature techniques of layering and juxtaposition of the abstract and figurative on the same canvas. In this collection (Ray of Light), there is a strong element of “spiritual light” – the provision of light and love to be shared by all religions. Blue Sapphire, (The sixth work in the Ray of Light collection) has a particularly colored hue inspired by varying shades of blue. It blends in with the other works in the series in that it conveys a sheen of glow and reflection depending on lighting volatility. The color blue refers indirectly to natural phenomena including water and the sky, allowing the subconscious to judge the differing modes of expression shown in this work. It also references surrealism, automatic painting, and a curious inclusion of meditative qualities. Ray of Light Collection is a glorious reflection of Ting’s varied background and her diverse, mixed philosophy.


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