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Ruja’s Fantasy Was Everyone’s Fantasy.

Ruja’s Fantasy Was Everyone’s Fantasy features a public speech by Ruja Ignatova, who remains listed in the FBI’s top ten most wanted fugitives for crimes in connection with forging the cryptocurrency called OneCoin, a suspected $4 billion Ponzi scheme. With her hyperbolic subtitles, Lin Jingj ing has dramatically turned the speaker's demagogic rhetoric into a naked manifesto of looting and implies that Ignatova's get - rich - quick mentality is shared not only by her OneCoin holders but by society in general.

Lin Jingjing aims to warn against the greed of human nature and questions modern values in our society today. She also warns that the separation between the truth and lies is easily concealed and more often than not, we are led astray by expedience or naivete.

In a society that is now overwhelmed by information and beset with contradictions, people who are eager to get rich overnight are easily swayed by their peers and allow themselves to become the playthings of profiteering.

Edition of 3 + 1AP

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