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Unique Sakazuki (Japanese Sake ware) in the form of Samurai war mask—Kinari,Gold-Crimson

Koga's signature work, the Sakazuki series are vessels that can be worn. Japanese tea ceremony, considered a comprehensive Japanese art, developed as a samurai culture, and the sake ware were derived from this art form and developed as part of the dishware for kaiseki meals. This work is an expression of art which takes into account the respective histories of the tea ceremony, the sengoku warlords and crafts.
Koga sees the modern era as an era of Gekokujo or righteous rebellion. He believes that even in the present age when the future is uncertain, if one has the will and determination to break through the times, one can stand out regardless of one's origin. By using the menacing masks of the Sengoku warlords as a motif for the Sakazuki ware, he expresses the way of life and spiritual attitudes of the people. The work is instilled with a salute of encouragement to those aspiring samurais of the present age who are resolved to pave their way forward.

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