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In the spirit of the company motto, Reimagine Ownership, ZHEN. upends the everyday experience of owning artwork as we currently know it. By leveraging the properties of blockchain, ZHEN. is revolutionizing the very notion of ownership, expanding its definition to include both the physical and digital worlds and future-proofing provenance through radical transparency.


As part of the mission to reimagine ownership, ZHEN. launched its very first Augmented Reality (AR) experience, further bridging the physical and digital realms by creating a new hybrid space to own and experience art.


As one of the first real-world use cases for blockchain, ZHEN. is not only at the forefront of the intersection of art and technology, but also the pioneer of a brand new industry category.


The official tech partner of NANZUKA Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, ZHEN. is authenticating artworks and editions from some of the world’s most exciting artists, such as Hajime Sorayama, Daniel Arsham, James Jarvis, Javier Calleja, and more.


ZHEN. is headquartered in Hong Kong, with global outposts in China (Shenzhen), Europe (Germany), and USA (New York and Los Angeles). The founding team has experience at Roc Nation, Highsnobiety, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Mercedes Benz, and Rebecca Minkoff.

“We’re thrilled to bring our unique hybrid digital and physical approach to Hong Kong Digital Art Fair, one of  the city’s most exciting exhibitions, as part of ZHEN.’s ongoing mission to reimagine the overall art viewing and ownership experience powered by innovations in the art tech space. With blockchain and augmented reality, we look forward to powering interactive and unforgettable experiences in partnership with Hong Kong Digital Art Fair and their revolutionary digital artists, and giving art lovers and enthusiasts in Hong Kong the opportunity to experience this all first-hand.”


— Jaclyn Siu, co-founder and COO, ZHEN.

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