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A collaborative community platform for the global digital art community. At the Digital Art Fair Collector's Club, patrons get to curate, engage with, and collect groundbreaking projects and gain exclusive VIP access to any forthcoming events globally


A community that is built with professional artists, professionals and tech-savvy Web 3.0 enthusiasts.

We invite you to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that brings together professional artists and tech-savvy web 3.0 enthusiasts for this collaborative effort that will blend artistic creativity with cutting-edge technology, fostering a unique and immersive experience for art enthusiasts globally.

The first Collector's Club project on Ordinals

Encrypted on the Bitcoin blockchain

Our Collector's Club "House" project, encrypted on BTC, comes with perks and value additions as part of the Digital Art Fair Ecosystem. For full perks of the token - access the page here

Early Access advantages

Early Access token holders are granted 50% off the launch price and will be the first to be sent the token. Early Access token holders are also given a choice of 5 House designs to choose from, compared to a randomized selection for Public Mint holders. A digital art frame (example) and a printed copy of your Ordinals will be mailed to the first 100 token holders. 


For digital currency payments, please send us an email at, and we can arrange the necessary steps.

House #203 - Grandeur #003, 2024.png

Pre-sale on Magic Eden


0.05 BTC - $3400

House #203 - Grandeur #003, 2024.png

Benefits for Collector's Club "House" Ordinals holders


Digital Art Fair Collector's Club

01. Curation suggestion in our Global Network


Digital Art Fair Collector's Club

02. Exclusive Collector's Group and International Fair Invites


Digital Art Fair Collector's Club

03. Digital Art Service at your fingertips


Digital Art Fair Collector's Club

04. Access to early drops


Digital Art Fair Collector's Club

05. Marketing Opportunity for collectors


Digital Art Fair Collector's Club

Global VIP services for Digital Art Fair events and our partners

About the Collector's Club
"House" Ordinals

Presenting the "Collector’s Club House Ordinals," a generative art initiative that interweaves human history with artistic expression, with the vision of uniting the global digital art community.

The Digital Art Fair posits that a house symbolizes a sense of belonging, community, cherished memories, warmth, and shared human experiences. Embracing this ethos, the introduction of the "House Ordinals" Art Collection, securely stored on the bitcoin blockchain, advocates for worldwide unity and inclusivity through the medium of technology.


The Ordinals collection comprises five distinct house categories – Museum, Landmark, Grandeur, House, and Visionary. Each category embodies a unique architectural style and cultural significance, encapsulating the rich tapestry of art history. Ranging from the elegance of museums to the individuality of houses and the avant-garde essence of the Visionary category, these structures underscore the profound connection between art and living environments, laden with significant connotations. This collection aims to unite collectors, curators, artists, and communities on a global scale, nurturing a dynamic digital art community.


As a privileged early access member, you have the opportunity to select your preferred Ordinals category from the diverse range of options provided. 


House #401 - House #001, 2024, AI Generative Algorithm

House #001 - Museum #001, 2024, AI Generative Algorithm



The museum plays a crucial role in the art ecosystem, serving as an important pillar that preserves, showcases, and promotes artistic and cultural heritage. In the context of the “House” art collection, these AI-generated images of museums represents the importance and significant value of these global museums. This project utilizes datasets related to renowned museums to produce unique AI-generated images, each representing a collective culture.

House #101 - Landmark #001, 2024, AI Generative Algorithm



These structures are inspired by distinct and easily identifiable physical features or buildings that carry cultural, historical, or geographical significance. Within the “House” art collection, “Landmark” symbolize buildings that offer stability and significance to our routines, such as banks, post offices, and government buildings. While their appearance may be familiar, “Landmark” designs project a sense of importance and authority in the modern world.


House #201 - Grandeur #001, 2024, AI Generative Algorithm



In the "House" art collection, “Grandeur” represents architectural excellence and significance. This concept highlights architectural eras and globally renowned landmarks. By displaying grand proportions, intricate details, and a commanding presence, these designs create a lasting impact, reflecting the strength and cultural heritage of past civilizations. While familiar in aesthetics, “Grandeur” designs convey importance and influence in the contemporary world.

House #401 - House #001, 2024, AI Generative Algorithm



The core essence of "House" lies in its simplicity, basic nature, and comforting appeal. Drawing inspiration from architectural styles worldwide, the concept of “House” encompasses elements from the classic Victorian house, traditional Chinese architecture, and diverse house designs commonly found internationally. These designs aim to be both innovative and recognizable, creating a sense of warmth and familiarity for our collectors worldwide.

House #701 - Visionary #001, 2024, AI Generative Algorithm



One for the future, “Visionary” thrives on pushing boundaries and envisioning new possibilities in design and architecture. Drawing inspiration from science fiction and futuristic living spaces, “Visionary” embraces avant-garde concepts of the future. Their designs not only redefine city skylines but also spark inspiration and influence how we engage with our surroundings.

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