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London, United Kingdom

Since the gallery's inception in September 2013, Unit London has established itself as a global artistic platform for the world’s most distinctive talent. In an often opaque and unaccommodating art market, Unit London has sought to identify, cultivate and expose works of art on a meritocratic basis. The gallery has successfully launched and advanced the careers of numerous important contemporary artists and remains firmly committed to its driving principles of equity, innovation and accessibility. 


The gallery is forthright in its dedication to be an open and transparent institution at the forefront of an expanding and diversifying art industry. As a consequence of its boldly independent approach to the gallery model, Unit London has become synonymous with a pioneering use of social media and digital content. The gallery endeavors to act as a platform; a stage upon which the stories of today’s most gifted artists can be told, whilst bridging the gap between the physical and digital spheres of modern experience; connecting people with the art they love.

In actively engaging with its growing audience of millions worldwide, the gallery hopes to carve out a more significant role for the creative and visual arts in the future of our societies – firmly believing that mass engagement with art can play a critical role in cultivating creative thought. A more creative world will be better placed to solve the significant challenges it will face in the future. Championing art and creativity to the broadest possible audience is, and will continue to be, the gallery’s core, driving mission.

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