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Best selling AI Artists: Claire Silver❤️‍🔥

Claire Silver (@clairesilveraiart) is a digital artist who has become known for her unique way of making art with the help of computer programs known as AI. Her creation explores themes of vulnerability, trauma, disability, social hierarchy, innocence, and divinity, and she asks what role they will play in our trans-humanist future.

Artwork Courtesy of @clairesilveraiart ✨

Silver has several notable collections on Opensea including ‘AI art is not art’ and her “Genesis collection”. Her reputation has solidified through her landmark sales in the NFT world with her genesis piece “c l a i r e” sold at 52 ETH (over $92,000) on SuperRare.

Known as one of the best-selling artists in the NFT space, one of Silver's pieces "Blood in the Streets, Late to the Ball", was sold at Sotheby’s London in March 2022 for 40,320 GBP, showing the growing interest of AI art in the contemporary art world.


#數碼藝術專家指南:最暢銷的AI藝術家Claire Silver❤️‍🔥

Claire Silver (@clairesilveraiart)是一位數碼藝術家,她以利用AI電腦程序創作藝術的獨特方式而聞名,她的作品探索了脆弱、創傷、缺陷、社會等級制度、純真和神性等主題,並探討它們在超人類未來中扮演的角色。

Silver最聞名的幾個Opensea系列作品包括「AI art is not art」”和「Genesis collection」,她的作品「c l a i r e」在SuperRare上以52 ETH(超過92,000美元)的價格售出,鞏固了她在NFT世界的聲譽。

作為NFT領域中最暢銷的藝術家之一,Silver的一件作品「Blood in the Streets, Late to the Ball」在2022年3月在倫敦蘇富比以40,320英鎊的價格售出,展示了AI藝術在當代藝術界中越發受到關注的趨勢。

作品出處@clairesilveraiart ✨


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