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Supporting Sustainable Development of Art Tech in Hong Kong

About Digital Art Fair

Digital Art Fair aims to provide the opportunity for every demographic to experience the future of art, educate the new generation of artists, art curators, art administrators, and inspire the young generation with curated digital art and NFT programs. As part of the Digital Art Fair's ongoing initiative to create a healthy ecosystem in Hong Kong for all demographics, it has donated a large sum of its profit from the 2021 fair to the City University of Hong Kong, supporting the development of the Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, which share the same vision and mission as Digital Art Fair, in a hope that the donations will ensure continued growth for their program, students, and extensive audiences.

“With the vision of building a more inclusive society for our future generation, Digital Art Fair has successfully launched UMA, a youth-led purpose house supporting NFT artists from Africa, and also “Young Female Artists Incubation Program” promoting two emerging artists Sharmaine Kwan and Kitty Ho in the Incubation Zone of the fair. Working with Fire Rock Holdings Limited, one of the fair’s leading sponsors, Digital Art Fair also donated 5% of the ticket sales to a Hong Kong local university to support the research and development of Art Tech in Hong Kong. ”
Digital Art Fair

Indra and Harry Banga Gallery

Since its establishment in 2016, the Indra and Harry Banga Gallery (the Gallery) has been serving as an important hub for research, education, and innovation as well as a venue for exhibitions. From Giuseppe Castiglione’s court paintings, French Art Deco, works of Leonardo Da Vinci to the current one on Murals of the Tang Dynasty, the Gallery has fully utilised the City University’s new media technologies in creating a unique and immersive artistic experience for visitors through technology-rich and cross-disciplinary exhibitions which nurture the creativity and imagination of both students and the wider community.

“Digital Art Fair is both a Patron of our Gallery and a practitioner in the digital and new media art industry. It will be our honour and privilege to have the continuous support of the Digital Art Fair. Additionally, we also welcome exchanges and collaborations with Digital Art Fair and the industry with a view to bringing our Gallery to the wider community and beyond. We look forward to having the generous support, wise counsel and other useful resources from Digital Art Fair to propel the development of our Gallery.”

Professor Matthew Lee, Vice-President of Development and External Relations, City University of Hong Kong.

The donation from Digital Art Fair was designated for the long-term development and research of the Gallery. The Gallery aims to organise 3 to 4 exhibitions of different themes every year, given the production and operation of an exhibition are costly, the University has been proactively exploring philanthropic support to sustain the long-term development of the Gallery. In general, donations will subsidise the funding of the University in organising exhibitions, from research to curation, and other related educational activities.

The Gallery provides a dynamic platform for young artists, in particular promising students and faculty of the School of Creative Media, to showcase their talents and present their artworks to a wider audience. One of the examples is the “Art Machines: Past / Present” exhibition. Jointly organised by the Gallery and CityU School of Creative Media, the exhibition brought together more than 30 artworks created by 25 artists. It has been a great example of collaboration and sharing of experience between the Gallery and the entire School of Creative Media community, including its students, faculty, and alumni.

Professor Matthew Lee also mentioned that “Art and science are not regarded as mutually exclusive disciplines at CityU. Rather, we seek ways to blur boundaries and pioneer new forms of expression. Drawing on the University’s strengths in creative new media and virtual technology development, the Gallery mounts exhibitions that merge art, science, and technology while presenting and preserving cultural heritage. The integration of art and technology is a rising global phenomenon in this digital age. Technology has made art more accessible, not only bringing the industry to a more diverse audience but also creating new artistic and economic opportunities.”

Digital Art Fair will continue to support the development of the Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, as well as the development of the art community as a whole. This year, in DAFA 2022, we aim to further develop the Digital Art Fair Foundation, further collaborate and support organisations and charities, to provide a more holistic engagement for students and artists involved, bringing them to the wider community and beyond.

19 April 2022 - The current exhibition of Indra and Harry Banga Gallery – “A Glimpse of Tang Prosperity from Murals – The Exhibition Tour on Murals of the Tang Dynasty” will run till 12 June. The next exhibition will be about nomadic arts in Siberia and China’s far north. It will run from mid-July to October tentatively.

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