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Updated: May 10

Supporting Sustainable Development of Art Tech in Hong Kong

About Digital Art Fair

Digital Art Fair aims to provide the opportunity for every demographic to experience the future of art, educate the new generation of artists, art curators, art administrators, and inspire the young generation with curated digital art and NFT programs. As part of the Digital Art Fair's ongoing initiative to create a healthy ecosystem in Hong Kong for all demographics, it has donated a large sum of its profit from the 2021 fair to the City University of Hong Kong, supporting the development of the Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, which share the same vision and mission as Digital Art Fair, in a hope that the donations will ensure continued growth for their program, students, and extensive audiences.

“With the vision of building a more inclusive society for our future generation, Digital Art Fair has successfully launched UMA, a youth-led purpose house supporting NFT artists from Africa, and also “Young Female Artists Incubation Program” promoting two emerging artists Sharmaine Kwan and Kitty Ho in the Incubation Zone of the fair. Working with Fire Rock Holdings Limited, one of the fair’s leading sponsors, Digital Art Fair also donated 5% of the ticket sales to a Hong Kong local university to support the research and development of Art Tech in Hong Kong. ”
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