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Introducing our shortlisted Pioneer Prize artist: Farruk Murad🌟

Farrukl Murad (@projectparadigma) is a digital fashion designer failing from Uzbekistan. In the realm of fashion, he craft captivating and innovative works that showcase his unique style and perspective.

As a digital fashion designer, he infuses his narratives with personal experiences and emotions, forging a profound connection between creator and observer. Each piece of his work is a 3D narrative, a multi-faceted exploration of emotions and stories.

Farruk’s journey has led him to collaborate with a diverse array of international companies and artists, creating fashion-related pieces that leave a profound impact on audiences🎨✨

He is an active member of The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the esteemed professional association for design, and also serves as an expert at the National Marketing Center of Uzbekistan. For Farruk, art is more than just visuals; it's a medium to tell stories and evoke emotions📖🎭

Special thanks to Braw haus (@brawhaus) and Labyrinth.arts' ( @labyrinth.bali) support for the Pioneer Prize. The winner of the Pioneer Prize will be announced during the fair. Stay tuned for the big reveal! 🎉👏


Pioneer Prize入圍藝術家介紹:Farruk Murad 🌟

Farrukl Murad (@projectparadigma) 是一位來自烏茲別克的數位時裝設計師。在時尚領域,他的作品充滿魅力和創新,展現了他獨特的風格和視角。 身為數位時裝設計師,他將個人經驗和情感融入作品中,在創作者和觀察者之間建立了深厚的聯繫。他的每件作品都是立體敘事,是對情感和故事的多層面探索。


他是備受推崇的美國平面設計協會 AIGA 的活躍成員,也是烏茲別克國家市場營銷中心(National Marketing Center of Uzbekistan)的專家,對 Farruk 而言,藝術不僅僅是視覺效果,還是講述故事和喚起情感的媒介📖🎭

特別感謝Braw Haus (@brawhaus) 和 ( @labyrinth.bali) 對Pioneer Prize的支持,Pioneer Prize的獲獎者將在展會期間宣布。敬請期待! 🎉👏

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