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Introducing our shortlisted Pioneer Prize artist: Fuat DEGIRMENCI🌟

Fuat’s interpretation of Johannes Vermeer's timeless "Girl with a Pearl Earring" forms an integral part of this collection 🎨, where he digitally reenvisioned the Renaissance classics, capturing the very essence of rebirth that defined this transformative era. 🌟

Fuat seeks to transport viewers to the very spaces and atmospheres where these timeless masterpieces first came to life, bridging the gap between past and present 🕰️, and immersing all who engage with his work in a truly transcendent artistic experience. 🌌🔮

Special thanks to Braw haus (@brawhaus) and Labyrinth.arts’ ( @labyrinth.bali) support for the Pioneer Prize. The winner of the Pioneer Prize will be announced during the fair. Stay tuned for the big reveal! 🎉👏


Pioneer Prize入圍藝術家介紹:Fuat DEGIRMENCI 🌟

Fuat 對Johannes Vermeers 不朽作品《戴珍珠耳環的少女》的詮釋,構成了這個收藏的重要部分🎨,在其中他對文藝復興經典進行了數碼化的重新構想,捕捉定義這一時代變革的重生精髓。🌟

Fuat 希望將觀眾帶入這些永恒傑作最初誕生的地方和氛圍中,彌合了過去與現在之間的鴻溝🕰️,讓所有欣賞他作品的人沈浸在真正超凡脫俗的藝術體驗中。

特別感謝Braw Haus和Labyrinth.art對Pioneer Prize的支持,Pioneer Prize的獲獎者將在展會期間宣布。敬請期待! 🎉👏


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