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We’re pleased to announce Refik Anadol highlighted artwork continues to be showcased🌟

at Digital Art Fair 2023.

“Synthetic Dreams” consists of 1000 unique Quantum AI Data Paintings inspired by the natural world. The data collection of 200 million raw images of landscapes around the world, including all the national parks in the US. The images incorporate earthly pigments, shapes, and patterns that we associate with our sensory experiences, while paying homage to the Earth’s unbounded poetic sublimity.🌎🌱

Check out the amazing piece at our fair!🔥


我們很高興Digital Art Fair 2023將繼續展出Refik Anadol (@refikanadol)的作品🌟

《Synthetic Dreams》由1000幅獨特的量子人工智能數據繪畫組成,靈感來自於自然界,數據收集了全球各地2億張原始風景圖像,包括美國所有的國家公園,這些圖像融合了地球的顏色、形狀和圖案,與我們的感官體驗相呼應,同時向地球無窮和崇高詩意致敬。🌎🌱



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