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ACGTCA (Genoma)

Finished in 2003, the project ‘Human Genome’ took thirteen years to identify the
approximately 20.000-25.000 genes of the human DNA. The results were presented to
the public and the research covers the entire human genome. The first line of the
sequence begins with GATCAATGAGGTG and goes on for more than twenty two
volumes. The program uses the human DNA sequence as a base to create made up
faces. Features resemble those of newborns, but often change into other images as the
computer analyzes the DNA sequence. As a digital blockchain uses 1 and 0 as the base
of every digital image, the DNA sequence uses A, C, T and G to rearrange the pixels of
the faces.

The face doesn’t keep its structure for long and collapses at the central point. After
collapsing, the process starts again. This creates an endless cycle of explosions and
implosions: the piece never repeats itself, as it continuously generates new faces that
eventually collapse.

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