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Koga has been working on ""ceramic art in the Gekokujo(retainer supplanting his lord) era"" and has created works for people who are aiming for heights regardless of their origin. So what is the biggest Gekokujo in the 21st century? Isn't it the rise of blockchain and crypto assets? This hypothesis is the driving force of this work.
Cryptocurrencies were born from the concept of ""creating a currency that is not controlled by the government,"" and as a result, made many people of all origins and educational backgrounds millionaires. Also, in 2021, NFTs are expanding explosively in the art industry, and it can be said that it is a keyword that represents the present age.
""Maneki Neko"" of this work tramples the US dollar as a typical legal tender and hangs Bitcoin around his neck. However, what he holds in his hand is the contradiction of stablecoin, which is designed to stabilize prices by linking with legal tender. ""NEO MANEKINEKO-CRYPTO-"" is a work that strongly expresses one modern ""figure"" that gives a new concept to ""Maneki Neko"" and sharply captures the current situation surrounding crypto assets.
*We will be submitting a physical art as well as digital twin for "NEO MANEKINEKO".

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