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The Way Warrior of the Warrior (Spoken Word)

A series inspired by the Sikh warriors of the Punjab, India. The Akalis (The Immortals) or the Nihangs, as these warriors are referred to, were once the great army of the last Sikh Guru and of the Khalsa Panth (which literally translates to 'the community of the pure'). The Way of the Warrior is not only a tribute to my heritage and my love for manga, anime and Samurai culture but is also about mental health. As a testament to the warriors inside of each and every one of us. Here is a poem I wrote that sums up the series. He takes a deep breath As he closes his eyes He can feel that temperature rise The flames of injustice Fanned inside Amplified He can hear their cries Feel their pain Like needles through his eyes But he takes a deep breath Then takes another Opens up his eyes Not to see an enemy But a brother A sister A lost soul Lashing out in pain Just trying to feel whole They just need to heal more Treat your enemy with empathy Use your words not your swords Set your ego aside There’s no room for false pride This is the way of the warrior A code to abide. Slay those demons in your mind. Leave your ego for dead The real battlefield is inside of your head. There is still a certain section of the Sikh community in India who still live by the codes of the Akali warriors and practice the way of life of their ancestors, including swordsmanship and 'shastra' training (battle art from the 16th century). The Sikhs are a martial community forged in the North West of the Indian sub-continent, as the first line of defence against invaders from the North & West, which made them one of the fiercest groups of warriors in the world. Like the tale of the Spartans (from the movie 300), a Sikh regiment of 21 soldiers, holds one of the greatest last stands in history, leaving over 600 enemy soldiers dead (Battle of Saragarhi) This series is also a tribute to my love for Samurai warrior culture, anime and manga.


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