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In 1995, when selecting the 22 films for a kinema ikon screening at the Pompidou Center, George Săbău revisited all 62 experimental films, produced by kinema ikon, from 1970 to 1989. One frame was removed from each film and merged into the Vorspann film 16mm (26:01); it was then screened at the studio and copied onto SVHS. After this process was completed, all movies from the collection got their temporarily “lost frames” back. For several weeks however, kinema ikon owned a montage that canceled all 62 films, and the films, once restored, canceled the montage; all that remained was a video copy: Vorspann, SVHS (26:01). in 2005, the video cassette was transferred to a dvd and then projected as part of a ki exhibition at mnac Bucharest; then, in 2021, Vorspann, mp4/DVD (26:01) was dismantled and reconstructed as the first episode of the 4th season of the kinema ikon series: Vorspann.


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