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Established in 2021, the Digital Art Foundation focus on collective giving and exchange, by allocating funds and finding solutions to community challenges we can provide a basis of betterment and empowerment through the Digital Art Fair network and ecosystem. Beyond Social Initiatives, causes related to Climate Action and Sustainability form the basis of the Foundation, as we move together into a future that is in our collective hands.

"I am extremely proud to be able to give back to society through the Digital Art Foundation.  I hope Digital Art Foundation would be able to share what I have learnt to the next generation and provide support and funding for young artists to reach their goals; advocate gender equality in Asia and provide a platform for young female artists to exhibit their work.

In 2021, Digital Art Foundation provided funding and exhibition opportunities to 2 young female artists in Hong Kong; donated 5% of Digital Art Fair ticketing proceeds to Hong Kong City University for the university to fund their gallery for university students. 1% of our NFT Sales went to Coralition to support planting corals internationally. We also worked with an African Art Collective to provide them an exhibiting opportunity at the Digital Art Fair. I look forward to continuing our foundation's work this year in 2022."

- Gillian Howard

Founder of Digital Art Fair 



Digital Art Fair Foundation Henry Chu Blockchain Piano

Supporting young artists and art administrators; Providing work experience and exhibition opportunity for young artists and art administrators in Hong Kong and beyond.

Advocate Gender Equality and provide exhibition opportunity for young female artists and LGBT artists.

Promote environmentally friendly initiatives through art, educational and cultural events.







Digital Art Fair Asia invites artists based in Hong Kong to present artworks to the Incubation Programme for the 2022 Hong Kong Edition, integrated in the programme of its 2nd Edition, to be held in Hong Kong, Q3 2022.


With a strong focus on uplifting voices of young women, successful applicants of the incubation programme will go through a programme that brings them closer to the ever-changing landscape of digital fine art, learning skills and techniques that cover digital art-making and digital art showing. The artists will work closely with the Digital Art Fair team and leverage off our network of artists and partners.

Digital Art Fair Foundation NFT
Digital Art Fair Foundation University Engagement


As part of our ongoing initiative to create a healthy ecosystem in Hong Kong for all demographics, we will be continuing our University Engagement programme. Last year, we donated a large sum of our profits to City University of Hong Kong, to ensure the continued growth of their support for their students.


This year, we aim to provide a more holistic engagement for students and artists involved in our Programme, and we have identified 4 more areas of focus. These areas are, Academia, Resources, Junior Team, and Artworks.



Digital Art Fair provides an active platform supported by multiple sustainable corporations in Hong Kong. On our platform we actively update and share multiple news and petitions on our website every month to raise awareness around sustainability issues.

We publish our Digital Art Fair annual report and research annually to show our commitment to environmentally friendly business practice. 

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